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Social Media Sensation Blake Shofner to Headline 1% Event in Springfield, MO, Unveiling Secrets of Mullet Bros Success
Photo Courtesy: Blake Shofner

Social Media Sensation Blake Shofner to Headline 1% Event in Springfield, MO, Unveiling Secrets of Mullet Bros Success

Springfield, MO – In an exciting turn of events, Blake Shofner, the mastermind behind the social media phenomenon Mullet Bros, is set to be a keynote speaker at the highly anticipated 1% event on September 8th, 2024, hosted by Rockwell Financial Solutions in Springfield, MO.

The buzz surrounding Blake’s appearance is palpable, as attendees eagerly anticipate hearing the success story of how Mullet Bros skyrocketed from zero to over 200,000 followers in under a year. Shofner, a social media maven, not only amassed a massive following but also cracked the code to monetize the brand, consistently raking in over $20,000 per month.

The 1% event, organized by Rockwell Financial Solutions, aims to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs by featuring accomplished business owners, most of whom boast annual revenues exceeding $3,000,000. The event follows an interview-style format, allowing speakers like Shofner to share their journeys to success.

One of the highlights of the 1% event is its unique approach to accessibility. Kyle Gardner, the visionary behind Rockwell Financial Solutions, has introduced the “at-risk” sponsorship program, making the event free for 80% or more of the attendees. Gardner, the owner of Rockwell Financial Solutions, has a mission to give back to the community, and this sponsorship initiative aligns with his commitment to making a positive impact.

Gardner believes in providing opportunities to those facing challenges, and the “at-risk” sponsorship allows individuals from underserved communities to attend the event without financial barriers. This initiative is a testament to Gardner’s dedication to creating a platform where diverse voices can be heard and where knowledge and inspiration can reach all corners of the community.

The 1% event is not just about success stories; it’s about changing lives. By featuring speakers like Blake Shofner, attendees gain valuable insights into the strategies and mindset that lead to success. Shofner’s journey with Mullet Bros, from cultivating a dedicated following to turning it into a lucrative venture, promises to inspire and motivate those in attendance.

While the majority of the attendees enjoy free access, the event also sells tickets to individuals in a position to “pay it forward.” These tickets contribute to funding the event, ensuring its sustainability and allowing the organizers to create a memorable experience for all attendees, particularly the “at-risk” youth.

Kyle Gardner envisions the 1% event as a transformative experience, not just another corporate gathering. The atmosphere will be electric, with popular music, dynamic lighting, and special effects like sparklers and smoke cannons. Gardner is determined to shift the traditional keynote event paradigm, infusing the gathering with a fun concert vibe that engages and energizes the audience.

In a statement, Kyle Gardner expressed his desire to make the event a catalyst for positive change, saying, “We want to create an unforgettable experience that resonates with everyone, especially the young minds who may face challenges. By making the event vibrant and dynamic, we hope to inspire and empower attendees to pursue their dreams, just like our esteemed speakers have.”

As the date approaches, excitement continues to build for the 1% event in Springfield, MO. Attendees eagerly anticipate Blake Shofner’s insights into the journey of Mullet Bros, as well as the opportunity to be part of an event that promises not only to educate but also to entertain and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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