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Spray Away Diabetic Wounds with The Most Potent Topical Antibiotic in The World: Vitastem Ultra
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Spray Away Diabetic Wounds with The Most Potent Topical Antibiotic in The World: Vitastem Ultra

By: Nicholas Silverstein 

Diabetes can cause a wide range of complications, including nerve damage, kidney damage, vision loss, and poor wound healing, among others. Poor wound healing can further lead to the development of chronic ulcers, which may take longer to heal. 

Approximately 15 percent of adults in the United States, comprising 13 percent diagnosed and an additional 2.8 percent undiagnosed with diabetes, amounting to around 41.5 million individuals, grapple with this health condition. Despite the concerning statistics surrounding diabetic amputations, individuals in this demographic are encouraged not to lose hope, as there are proactive measures available to mitigate the risks of diabetes-related complications affecting limb health. Annually, roughly 154,000 individuals with diabetes undergo amputations in the United States, and an additional 73,000 non-trauma-related lower limb amputations are performed. Notably, the average cost for each amputation surpasses $70,000.

As diabetic wounds hardly heal on their own, proper wound care, including the use of potent antibiotics, is essential. In this article, we will discuss Vitastem Ultra, a revolutionary medical breakthrough that provides a new and improved way of treating diabetic wounds with its very innovative topical antibiotic spray.

What is Vitastem Ultra?

Developed by parent company ViaDerma (OTC: VDRM), Vitastem Ultra is the most powerful and effective antibiotic that can be applied topically. The product is designed using highly potent ingredients, including Vitamins C & B3, along with their active ingredient, bacitracin. These ingredients are time-tested and proven to be effective in treating infections, particularly those caused by diabetic wounds.

How does Vitastem work?

Vitastem Ultra works in two unique ways to resolve diabetic wounds. First, the powerful antibiotic ingredients penetrate deep into the wound to treat the infectious agents, bacteria and viruses causing the wound. Secondly, the anti-inflammatory agents in Vitastem Ultra reduce any inflammation, thereby speeding up the healing process.

How to use it on wounds?

Vitastem Ultra is extremely easy to use. Simply spray the affected area with a powerful and potent topical antibiotic. If the wound is covered by a bandage, first remove the bandage, clean the wound, and then spray it with Vitastem Ultra. There is no need to rub it in; wait for about 30 seconds until it is absorbed into the wound before reapplying a clean, dry dressing.

Is Vitastem safe to use?

Vitastem Ultra is a Class 1 medical product and completely safe to use, with no known side effects or complications that typically arise from oral antibiotics and injections. The topical antibiotic is also safe for people of all ages, including pregnant women, the elderly, children, and infants too.

Considering Vitastem for Treating Diabetic Wounds 

Properly managing diabetic wounds is essential for avoiding complications and promoting proper healing. The use of Vitastem Ultra represents a significant medical breakthrough in providing rapid, effective, and safe treatment for diabetic wounds. Using Vitastem Ultra can speed up the healing process, reduce inflammation, and prevent the spread of infectious agents. Get your hands on some Vitastem Ultra today, and you will undoubtedly experience the difference that this potent topical antibiotic spray can make in managing your diabetic wounds, unlike any other treatment you’ve tried before.


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