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Spruce Up Your Spring Fashion Line With Custom Embroidery

They say that spring showers bring May flowers, but for custom apparel companies, the change in season means more than just a change in the weather — it means a complete shift in their product lines. While some products remain evergreen, like the classic logo shirt, certain products become more popular depending on the season. If companies recognize and take advantage of these trends, they can boost their image and look trendier.

Spring is the season of renewal and warmth. In terms of fashion, this represents itself in the form of bright colors and accessories that bring a “pop” factor to outfits. Product offerings in the spring also change: out are the knit caps and outerwear in favor of the clothes and accessories people need to have fun in the sun. Henry Ma, CEO of Ricoma International, emphasizes the importance of highlighting these items in your line to boost your brand.

Beating the sun with wide-brimmed hats

The wide-brimmed sun hat is one of the hottest items this spring, and the potential of this accessory for custom apparel companies is exciting. Everyone is itching to go back to the beach and do other outdoor activities after a winter that feels like it was colder than ever, but they still have to shield their faces from the bright rays of the sun. That’s why these straw hats are so in-demand among consumers.

Granted, according to Ma, custom apparel companies that wish to incorporate wide-brimmed hats into their spring line should consider some of the challenges that come along with it. “The straw-like material of these hats is not the easiest to work with,” says Ma, “especially since most embroidery machines are designed to work with flat fabrics.” Still, special clamps for hooping can allow you to put a design on this unique type of material.

These hats are a fantastic option for those custom apparel companies looking to elevate their image and make their brand more refined. The people wearing this type of hat are generally younger. This audience can be difficult to reach with branded apparel because their sense of style is particularly fickle and unpredictable, but giving them something useful and elegant like a wide-brimmed hat is the safe way to go.

Baseball caps for baseball season

Spring also means baseball, and while strikes in the MLB delayed the beginning of the season, this means that baseball is more in the news than ever before. Baseball caps are in right now because of this resurgence of America’s favorite pastime, and the best thing about baseball caps is that their message is extremely visible. “When someone puts on a branded baseball cap,” Ma says, “the logo on it is directly in the sightline of everyone, from people who are talking to them to people who pass them on the street.”

Like wide-brimmed hats, baseball caps can be tricky since they aren’t flat either, but there are tools for caps that can allow embroiderers to use their standard embroidery machines — like the ones offered by Ricoma — to work with this type of material. Plus, baseball caps are relatively inexpensive, especially if you buy them in bulk. As a result, branded baseball caps can serve as an excellent opportunity to give away free swag that your customers will actually use and not just throw in the trash.

“Embroidering headwear, as opposed to alternatives such as screen printing,” Ma adds, “goes a long way in ensuring your product’s quality. Embroidery tends to be much more durable and long-lasting than screen printing. Baseball caps, in particular, are the victims of significant wear and tear as they are subjected to heavier use than most accessories. Using embroidery will ensure that the bright spring colors on your caps will hold up over time.”
This spring season, custom apparel companies should be focusing on headwear in their product lines. From wide-brimmed hats to beat the sun to baseball caps that are more popular this season than ever before, headwear is a cost-effective, attractive option to showcase your brand and further develop your image. In a season that’s all about vibrancy and vitality, having these colorful embroidered accessories in your line will lift up your brand.


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