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The Modern Rose Sets the Bar Higher With Eclectic and Creative Café Experience in Every Cup

Cafes have the incredible power to bring people together over a good cup of coffee and sumptuous treats. However, with cafes mushrooming in even some of the most remote areas in communities worldwide, it is becoming increasingly necessary for cafe owners to differentiate themselves from others. The Modern Rose is not just an ordinary cafe but an eclectic boutique in itself, giving foodies an IG-worthy and memorable experience every time. 

The Modern Rose serves over 60 different organic and boutique teas. The cafe’s coffee is locally-roasted by Calusa Coffee Roasters, offering freshly-grounded cups of caffeine treats to its customers every day. Its Deerfield Beach location is in the Cove Shopping Center, while its newer Delray Beach location is in the Delray Beach Market. The cafe is a top choice for locals looking for its distinct coffee beverages. Another raved item on its menu is its array of avocado toasts and baked goods that fits perfectly into everyone’s Instagram feed. In addition, the eclectic boutique cafe serves vintage tea selections to curious guests. 

On top of its well-curated menu, The Modern Rose also provides an unforgettable cafe experience through its aesthetic interiors and overall design, portraying great talent and care carried out through a unique strategic design plan. With this, The Modern Rose has garnered the interest of many food critics and cafe goers, sharing their five-star ratings on Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Uber Eats. It has also been a top-of-mind cafe for real estate moguls, social media influencers, and celebrities. The Modern Rose has also been recognized as the Best Cafe in the City and Best Desserts in the City four years in a row, and Best Cafe in Florida in 2020 and 2021. 

When the owners, Jimena and Emilio Dominguez, took over the business, they transformed the cafe into an eccentric, warm space for everyone. Jimena came to the United States in 2016, looking for an adventure, where she met her husband, Emilio. Asked why she decided to explore a foreign land, she said she felt stagnant at home in Xalapa, Mexico. Coming from a diverse background, Jimena strives to present customers with an internationally-curated menu, bringing sensations and flavors to every dining experience. 

“At The Modern Rose, we individually craft each beverage, dish, and interaction with love,” the owners proudly said on their website. In five years, The Modern Rose aims to open stores in at least two other states in the country. The venture also aims to have franchisees working with the brand to bring its eclectic menu and unique experience to more cafe-goers and enthusiasts in more locations. Focused on providing the best guest experience in the industry, there is no doubt that The Modern Rose will soon become a household name in the United States and globally.

“What it takes is keeping a timeless approach of quality, shopping fresh every day, and treating every guest like family,” Jimena shared, revealing their biggest secret in scaling The Modern Rose into a massive success. What started as Jimena’s passion project eventually became a platform for her creativity, and together with her husband, she led the venture to flourish. Emilio also recently landed the US Reporter’s 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs list.

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