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Toby Smiles on Defying the Odds, Serving as an Example for Differently Abled People, and Releasing His First Children’s Book

People are often told that success will come so long as they persevere and remain steadfast, but when presented with the harsh realities of life, it’s not a surprise why many find this hard to believe. So it makes a huge difference when those who have managed to rise from humble beginnings and overcome numerous odds emerge and make it their mission to prove that anyone is capable of materializing their dreams. Toby Smiles, an influential and highly inspirational social media personality, is one such figure whose journey is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. 

A nineteen-year-old full-time influencer, the Cairn University student has grown in prominence over the past few years for his all-out efforts toward making a name for himself despite the long string of difficulties that often confront those who are disabled and differently-abled. Born three weeks early, Toby Smiles quickly became intimately acquainted with the challenges that life has to offer even before he took his first breath. 

During his birth, the young go-getter braved through eight minutes without oxygen, a complication that rests as one of the reasons behind his Cerebral Palsy. “There I was, a helpless, defenseless little baby on life support, rushed into surgery to have a feeding tube inserted into my tiny body,” Toby Smiles readily shared. “I stayed there for six long, emotionally exhausting, dreadful weeks. But, although I was too young to realize, now I know God is in every situation at any given time, and he saved me that day.”

Undeniably, growing up with his condition was nowhere near easy. Yet, amid it all, Toby Smiles faced the world with his head held high, fueled by big dreams and armed with the goal of setting an example for children to follow.

Today, following his hard work and thanks to his grit and ambition, Toby Smiles is enjoying a position in the limelight. The aspiring runway model currently boasts over one million followers on TikTok and is expected to reach greater heights in the years to come as he continues to make his presence known in several fields. 

Recently, Toby Smiles has caught the eye of several brands with offers of modeling opportunities. He’s also been given a chance to possibly speak at VIDCON and appear at Playlist Live. Regardless of what stage he will grace in the upcoming months, he is set about facilitating conversations on establishing an authentic self and emphasizing that disabilities do not define a person. 

Apart from the opportunity to communicate and inspire people from all walks of life through his speaking engagements, Toby Smiles is looking forward to launching his first children’s book. Scheduled to hit the shelves on December 1, it hopes to encourage children everywhere, and a portion of its sales will be given to Children’s Hospital of Philly. 

The release of his first-ever children’s book is only one of the exciting surprises from Toby Smiles. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, this passion-driven personality is just getting started. 


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