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10 Celebrity Business Owners of 2021

Many individuals flourish by exploring different industries. Celebrities business owners are known for excelling in this. Despite being surrounded by flashing lights, the media, fame, and success, many opt to explore the business field and utilize their assets in establishing a business. 

Despite the increasing number of celebrity business owners, some just inevitably shine among the others. Establishing their names both as a celebrity and business owners, they tell success stories that people may use as inspiration. Here are the top 10 celebrity business owners of 2021.

  1. Ice Cube

Photo courtesy: Neil Rasmus/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

O’Shea Jackson, best known as Ice Cube, was born on June 15, 1969, in California. This American rapper, actor, and filmmaker is widely acknowledged for his sterling contributions to the widespread popularity of gangsta rap. Intending to prove himself worthy of his reputation, Ice Cube takes the industry by storm.

An innovator by heart, Ice Cube began reaching impressive heights when he created the pioneering gangsta rap group called N.W.A. His efforts of putting the group on the map sparked massive changes in the West Coast hip-hop scene that ultimately propelled the music industry to greater heights. Proving to be a force to be reckoned with, Ice Cube is also known for making a mark in the realms of acting and filmmaking.

Instagram: @icecube

  1. Trevor Tully/ BoldMD

With one hand monitoring the pulse of technology breakthroughs and the other steering businesses to recognition, Trevor Tully’s BoldMD thrives and glows in the accomplished entrepreneur’s extensive resume—ensuring success through content production and data analysis under the tagline “Bringing Awareness to Quality of Life Solutions.” 

Recently published by New York Wire and Forbes Magazine, Trevor is quietly becoming a presence among the movers and shakers in the booming Texas economy. With the increase of technology giants moving to Texas, data is becoming the new oil in Texas, and Trevor Tully is the 2021 version of a Texas Wildcatter.


  1. Monica Leane Morgan

Monica is a wife, mother, and flourishing entrepreneur and business owner. Monica started The Pivotal Companies in 2018, which has been wildly successful. She and her two daughters, Britt Taylor and Ashley Meador, launched a non-profit, The Burning Bra, to empower women in all areas of their lives—work, home, and their respective communities. Women should not feel intimidated to chase their dreams, nor lack the confidence or bravery to achieve anything they set their minds to. The mission is to empower women and make an impact, leaving legacies of fierce women chasing their dreams and bringing them to life.


  1. Darric May

Darric May is an IT professional and author responsible for the fresh perspective on humanity enjoyed worldwide. His debut work, Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live Together, the first of its kind, showcases his unique and clear writing style and is Darric’s first move toward fighting the countless injustices committed against humanity.

An unprecedented masterpiece, Darric May’s book delves into the inner complexities of contemporary man’s relationships with himself. The rising crowd-favorite literature piece explores life-changing topics such as “The Broken State of Apathy,” “Strategies Against Humanity,” and “The Evolution of Man,” showcasing the in-depth and clarity of research that moved Darric to publish his work.

Through Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live Together, the inspiring author challenges his readers to make a civilized choice to cultivate healthy relationships. Enlightening individuals on how to live life as intended, Darric May is a growing authority on love and peace.


  1. Erwin & Darnesha Weary

Erwin and Darnesha Weary are proud owners of Black Coffee Northwest located in Shoreline, WA. They are owners of a business that is still standing and inspiring other businesses throughout the nation and leaving an impact even after being hit with arson and other threats. Black Coffee Northwest is more than just a coffee shop. 

The company makes it a mission to inform their customers about local and national black heroes on their cups. They have a dynamic youth presence and training program. Behind every setback, there’s a bounce back; and Black Coffee Northwest has bounced back through it all and is focused on paving it forward.


  1. Seyed Jafar Jafari

Seyed Jafar Jafari “Master Jeff” is an educator with more than two decades of experience. Founder and CEO of Psc Academy, Inc. and Buildgoal, Inc., Seyed is honored to serve more than 100,000 students and develop over 5,000 coaches in over 32 countries. He is a self-made millionaire under 20, ranked for Top 20 Instagram Accounts for 2021 on (Yahoo and NY Wire), and part of the 2021 Top 10 Entrepreneurs by Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Money.


  1. April Custodio

Finding Hollywood’s next hottest talent is a 24/7 mission. Hollywood doesn’t sleep, and neither does April Custodio. She always has an eagle eye out on every project she is casting, whether it’s someone a talent rep is vouching for or someone she scouts personally. Collaborating with the stars of entertainment to ensure chemistry and creativity is the magic behind Hollywood. If you’re looking for the next ensemble in your production or you think you have the potential to rub elbows with the greats, contact April Custodio to spark that collaboration.


  1. Simon Gebrelul

Photo from : SCARNICI/Getty Images North America; from L-R (Boi-1da, Simon, and Jake Paul)

As a manager to award-winning Grammy songwriter and stars in several industries, Simon Gebrelul is a talent manager who deserves the recognition. He founded Isla Management to provide a space for the music industry’s up-and-coming to establish themselves in the world of music and succeed. Among the many artists and stars Simon has managed is award-winning Grammy songwriter Boi-1da and NBA star Tristan Thompson. Isla Management has over $24 million negotiations and is expected to rise within the year.

Instagram: @isla.mgmt

  1. Grace Beverley

Photo courtesy: Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley founded TALA, a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2019. Only a year after it was created, Beverley was able to raise more than £6.2 million in sales. The quality, statement, and detail of their pieces are what make Tala the frontrunner of the global fashion industry. Their products are made of recycled materials and the packaging that comes with it is also made from recycled materials. 

Beverley is only 23, but she’s achieved many things in life. She’s the CEO of a company and an app called Shreddy. Currently, she studies music at the University of Oxford. She’s an entrepreneur and a student, the best of both worlds. 

Instagram: @gracebeverley; @wearetala


  1. Marya Dzmitruk

Photo Source: Thrive Global

Prodsmart is a multi-million dollar company that stands at the helm of software creation. The company, co-founded by Marya Dzmitruk, helps companies to scale their income. From small- to medium-sized companies, Prodsmart is sure to provide custom-made software so each will get a chance to catapult companies to heights they have not reached before. Since 2018, Prodsmart has partnered with many companies like IG Masonry Support, sonafi, Science4You, among others. 

Instagram: @itsemily


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