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25 Instagram Accounts of 2020

Success in any industry requires a long journey. It requires dedication and a firm commitment to what you do. Whether an entrepreneur, an advocate, or an artist, the formula is almost uniform: when you work hard and smart, you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work. To gain acclaim from your success is almost simultaneous with the fulfillment you attain when you’re truly doing what you love. Influencer Daily has chosen 25 of these people—individuals who have a clear understanding of what they want to do and where they want to go. They have achieved that, and people are praising them for it, gaining them followers and fans. Here are 25 Instagram accounts to follow in 2020: 

  1. Drake

Photo: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutt

Aubrey Drake Graham, or popular in the entertainment industry as Drake, started his career as an actor. His first appearance was for the movie Degrassi: The Next Generation, which aired in 2001. In 2006, Drake launched his musical career with his first mixtape, Room for Improvement. He then captured the attention of many listeners and enthusiasts. Then came his second mixtape So Far Gone, which helped him establish a reputable name in the industry.

Only a decade after he entered the music scene, Drake was winning awards and was nominated by many award-giving bodies like the Grammys, Billboard, American Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, MTV, and more.

As an artist, Drake is known for writing and producing hit songs like One Dance, Hotline Bling, God’s Plan, Passionfruit In My Feelings, and so many more. 

Instagram: @champagnepapi


  1. Beyoncé

Photo by: Beyoncé and Sony/ATV Music Publishing Sign Global Agreement 

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, or popular in the entertainment industry as Beyoncé, is an American singer and actress who started her career as lead vocalist in the group Destiny’s Child. After she decided that she would want to further her career as a solo artist, she released her debut album Dangerously In Love, which immediately gave her fame and prestige in the industry. 

The 39-year-old singer has released chart-topping singles. Songs like Single Ladies, Naughty Girl, Me, Myself and I, Partition, 7/11, and many more. Beyonce’s songs have received several awards from the Grammy, MTV, American Music Awards, Billboard, BET, and more. 

Instagram: @beyonce


  1. Tyler Parker

Tyler Parker is an American lifestyle, print, and commercial model, and entrepreneur.

Raised in Hammond, Louisiana, he was discovered on social media at the age of 20 and has modeled professionally ever since. Tyler has walked and done campaigns for top brands, including ASOS, BooHooMAN, Fashion Nova Man, Siksilk, TargetTag, and Cricket Wireless.

Outside of modeling, Tyler is actively putting together an ebook with hopes of informing aspiring models on how to get signed and what agents/agencies look for, plus tips on modeling and tips on how to grow your social media platform. Tyler launched his YouTube channel, TylerP TV, to share his life, vlog, and tattoo stories.

Additionally, Tyler’s passion for helping others led him to start launching workshops to support young entrepreneurs/models learning to boost their brand and goals. The program’s goal is to empower creatives and business goers in marketing and social media through hands-on learning opportunities and Tyler’s support early or late in their branding experience when attrition is at its highest.

“Stop wishing and just make shit happen” (Tyler Parker).

Instagram: @iamtylerp_

  1. Steven Ridzyowski

Steven Ridzyowski has been a leader in the e-commerce/digital media buying space for over ten years. Currently the founder of Ecommerce Marketing Agency. His business specializes in Shopify store creations and marketing via multiple advertising platforms and does not just rely on typical social media marketing campaigns like most agencies do. He and his team have created a true turnkey experience to start your brand and business online. Steven is a top entrepreneur who can help businesses make that transition to online retail; what better time than now!

Instagram: @stevenridzyowski

  1. Nisha Kapoor

Nisha Kapoor (@errtistic) is an internationally exhibited artist with affiliation from UNESCO (a United Nations body) for her art. Her art style is unique and never seen before. No wonder her paintings have been chosen to be a part of books to be kept in The British Library and the National Library of Spain. She is represented by 11 globally reputed art galleries and platforms.

Nisha’s art is otherworldly since it is a result of her spiritual experiences. Throughout her life, Nisha has been having a lot of spiritual experiences—for more than a decade. During these epiphanies, she shifts to a state of trance and lucid dreams. Nisha has also experienced her body physically getting lifted in air and transported into a new dimension.

But the incident that specifically started her art journey happened about 2 years ago. She was immersed in a spa in a parlor and fell off in a state of a deep sleep, where she started having lucid 5D dreams again, with very beautiful, out of the world visions and images. This became the start of Nisha’s journey as a painter. Art chose her.

Instagram: @errtistic

  1. David Balji

From a high school student who was taking it day by day to now running a digital marketing consulting agency, David Balji has been able to grow his business over 6,460% over the past 4 years. He has invested tens of thousands of dollars to be privately mentored and trained by world-class entrepreneurs such as Albert Preciado and Taylor Welch, who have helped him build a powerful foundation for mindset and business strategy. 

Through his social media influence, he teaches these skills and concepts so that new coming entrepreneurs can follow the footsteps and implement them into their own lives and businesses.

Instagram: @davidbalji

  1. Blake Smith

Blake Smith is from a small town of Atchison Kansas, but he currently lives and operates in Huntsville, Alabama. Blake is a barber by trade, but he decided to start HAIROIDS LLC, to give people more options with natural hair growth.

According to Blake, people always ask him what they can use to make their beard or hair grow out more, so he developed a brand that will help them with just that. HAIRROIDS LLC’s goal is to impact people all over the world and give them hope with every container!

Instagram: @hairoidsusa

  1. Trey Cornelius

Trey Cornelius is a musician from Huntsville, Alabama. Trey has been singing since he can remember and has been playing guitar for years. The Alabama-native has a deep love for singing, playing song covers and creating his own material. When Trey was 16, he started writing his own songs. Several years later, in his early twenties, he started going around singing to different places like during open mic nights, in karaoke bars, or on stage in front of people. 

To Trey, his biggest accomplishment is releasing an album of his own and playing for people, eventually getting himself noticed for his lyrics and talent. Trey dreams of playing in downtown Nashville in front of a large crowd.

Currently, Trey has been working so he could release his song originals, Next To You and Some Guys. He believes that the bigger the effort you make, the more likely you’ll make it happen. 

Instagram: @bigbeast1991

Facebook: Trey Cornelius

YouTube: Trey Cornelius

  1. Emily Standley

Emily Standley is a nationally-published content writer and digital marketing strategist based in South Florida. She is the founder of the successful entrepreneurship blog Socialbuzzhive and the cruelty free beauty blog

Within just two years, Emily has grown her blog to over 1.4 million readers, constantly making content to provide budding online entrepreneurs with multiple resources to monetize, scale, and leverage their business via social media, SEO, and leading blogging strategies.

Within the blog houses the Socialbuzzhive Academy, which provides a wide array of resources, in-depth skills, training, guides, courses and resources for anyone looking to accelerate their online footprint, outperform their competition, and make a passive income online.

With her 14 years of experience, Emily aids aspiring entrepreneurs with leading marketing strategies and gives people the tools they need to get ahead and grow a successful career from anywhere.

Instagram: @socialbuzzhive

  1. Lisa Collum

Entrepreneur, educator, and proud mom of four, Lisa Collum has dedicated her life to inspiring others. Through Top Score Writing and Coastal Middle and High School, she helps students at all levels master key writing skills. Lisa regularly presents at conferences and events on topics related to business development, female empowerment and education.

While teaching, Lisa identified a need for better writing instruction. So with $100 and almost no business experience, she founded and grew Top Score Writing into a million-dollar venture. The curriculum has been adopted nationally by hundreds of public, private, and charter schools.

Instagram: @lisacollumceo

  1. Jeremy Alan Jones

Music and Jeremy go way back. At 12, Jeremy started his path toward music with his oldest friend and owner of Joker Entertainment, Kevin. From recording in an apartment closet, Jones eventually did some stint for American rock band Saliva in 2001 for their album, Back Into Your System.

After marrying his sweetheart, Jones decided to take a 7-year hiatus. After the long break, Jones rebranded himself as J Bravo and fortunately landed a collaboration with T-Pain and Twista titled “For The Moment.” Jeremy Alan Jones also worked for Snoop Dogg’s record, “Hollywood.” Apart from going to multiple college tours and working on songs with rap star Gorilla Zoe, Jones linked with big names in the industry in 2012, including producers Redwine and leading songwriters Nate Walka, who penned Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It on the Alcohol” and Trey Songz’s “Say Ahhh.” He also worked with Rob A. Walka, who co-wrote Rihanna’s smash hit and pop staple “Disturbia.”

Instagram: @theofficialjeremyalanjones

  1. Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck is the host of The Gary Vee Experience, a Global Top 100 podcast that releases episodes related to business, success, and motivation. Gary Vaynerchuck, or mostly known by many as Gary Vee, is not just a host of a podcast but is a business mogul, earning millions of dollars from his 6-figure businesses.

CEO of Vayner companies like VaynerX, VaynerMedia, and VaynerSports, Gary has worked with several Fortune 100 companies and helps them advertise their brands. 

Instagram: @garyvee


  1. Brandon Chastang

Brandon Chastang, aka B McFly (Being Motivated Comes From Loving Yourself), is a motivator and sober messenger who reenacts real life issues to spread awareness through skits. Brandon has over 15 skits on social media. Most of them are 1 minute long. He has over 20 million views between Facebook and Instagram. He speaks on gun violence, education, mental health, addiction, and rehabilitating an absent father. With almost 3 years sober, Brandon continues to help others fight addiction while sharing his life experiences on drugs.

Instagram: @b.mcfly_

  1. OfficialKingAdams

Officialkingadams is your favorite entertainer and his official brand, Sauceitup Entertainment LLC, has a freshest clothing line coming up, featuring T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and sweatpants. The line has male and female pieces. Officialkingadams is also planning on opening up a recording studio to help fellow upcoming artists with their music.

Instagram: @officialkingadams; @sauceitup_clothing_


  1. Racquel Johnson

Racquel Johnson is a proud Jamaican woman who is taking her pain and turning it into joy. She gains strength by building a brand to honor her daughter’s memory that’ll be a part of this world’s future.

Instagram: @k.m.j_love


  1. Josh Gorra

Josh believes in evolving personally and professionally based on our daily micro-goals, as well as our macro-goals. He designed a 10 principle mindset to maximize each day, and his mission is to empower as many people as possible to be fulfilled in all aspects of life!

He explains, “It is critically important to be thankful for every victory, every loss, andevery lesson we have experienced in pursuit of who we want to become.”

Josh Gorra is an entrepreneur coach, public speaker, and loves to teach his “time value of life” model. As a son of immigrant parents, Mr. Gorra shares his story on how he has overcome obstacles to become successful personally and professionally.His book Change your mindset, Change your future: 10 principles to maximize each day is available for preorder on Amazon.

Text +1 617-286-3757 to join his accountability group, he will personally empower you to keep gratitude as a lifestyle and mindset.

Instagram: @mindset_driven


  1. Pauline Michelle Davis

Pauline Michelle Davis, also known as The Queen of Credit and Financial Literacy is the owner and CEO of Michelle Davis Legacy LLC. Her company helps people establish or repair credit. They have an abundance of tools to ensure that they maintain flawless credit from among their clients.

“Our company not only repairs credit. We provide financial literacy services at no additional cost to the clients. We dispute all 3 major credit bureaus, at the same time saving clients’ time and money,” Michelle said. Through her company she reaches out to thousands of clients and encourages them to “invest in themselves.” 

Facebook: Michelle Stl Davis 

Instagram: @michelle_davis_legacy29


  1. Linda Zander

Linda Zander is a serial entrepreneur, self-made multimillionaire, learn@forbes success instructor, best selling author, success coach, and Global Peace Ambassador. She is a natural visionary who delivers a radical Next Gen definition & model of sustainable success necessary for attaining legendary success amid todays global challenges.


  1. Johanan Dujon

Photo by: Business Focus St Lucia

Algas Organics has been a key player in the eradication of invasive plant species in the Carribean. As the first indigenous agriculture biotech firm in the area, Algas Organics provides organic pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides by converting invasive plant species. Johanan Dujon is the founder of the company. Johanan aims to help lessen the invasive plants in the Carribean while providing safe ways to raise crops and agricultural products.

Every year, the company converts more than two million pounds of seaweed and generates six figures of revenue every year. In 2020, Algas Organics expects about $2 million of revenue.

Instagram: @algasorganics

Twitter: @algasorganics


  1. Yunha Kim

Photo Credit: Glassdoor

Yunha Kim created Simple Habit. It is a company that emphasizes the benefits of meditation. As a first-hand witness of the effects of meditation, Yunha brings others to the fold and engages them in meditating activities.

Before Simple Habit, Yunha had a job in Wall Street and decided to quit from her post and establish her own company. But it did not work well for her. She was met with a lot of stress from running her own company. So whenever she had time, she would meditate. And she realized that meditation helps. This is her inspiration for founding Simple Habit. 

Instagram: @simplehabitapp 


  1. Winnie Karanja

Photo from: Caffeine Clarity

Maydm is a safe place for women and girls of color to improve and hone their skills so they can become efficient workers in any field they choose to pursue. Its founder and CEO, Winnie Karanja, knows how it feels to be discriminated against. As a woman of color herself, she is a firsthand witness of how difficult it is to excel in workplaces that treat women, and women of color, less. So it became her mission to equip women the necessary skills to not only become sufficient workers, but excellent ones. 

Twitter: @maydmtech


  1. Emily Vavra

Photo Source: Thrive Global

Speaker, health and wellness entrepreneur, and marketer Emily Vavra has done many things that have impacted the lives of people who choose to connect with her. As an entrepreneur and marketer, she has assisted clients in creating streams of revenue through residual income. Emily has coached and motivated others, and she played a key role in unlocking their capabilities. Not only does she excel in her chosen jobs, she is also an advocate. Emily goes to other countries to help the impoverished, the most recent of which is traveling to Uganda with Just Like My Child Foundation, where they connected with the locals and helped them improve their education and health care. 

Instagram: @itsemily


  1. Samir Lakhani

Photo from: Eco Soap Bank Org

Samir Larkhani is a highly esteemed entrepreneur who is using his company to help the environment. Larkhani is the CEO of Eco Soap Bank, a company that recycles soap and redistributes them to the underprivileged communities. Samir found out that only 1% of households have access to soap. And having no proper sanitary practices often lead to medical conditions which could only make things worse.

That is why, with Eco Soap Bank, Larkhani works to help communities have access to soap. He’s recognized by CNN with the Heroes Award, Unilever with the Young Entrepreneurs Award, and Forbes Magazine in their 30 Under 30 list. 

Instagram: @ecosoapbank

Twitter: @EcoSoapBank


  1. Lisa Skeete Tatum

Photo Source: ImpactAlpha

Lisa Skeete Tatum founded Landit, a company that has been helping women find the suitable companies for their skills since 2014. Landit is a one-size-fits-one platform that customizes playbooks for their clients and guides them toward jobs that best fit their skill sets. 

The company has been featured by many publications because of its immense success. Publications like BBC, Vanity Fair, CNBC, Forbes, INC, and etc. have all spoken highly of Lisa’s company.

Instagram: @applandit


  1. Danya Sherman

Photo by:William Atkins/ GW Today

In 2016, Danya Sherman came across an experience that immensely affected her. While she was studying abroad, someone slipped drugs into her drink. She was then taken advantage of. Taking from her experience, Danya created KnoNap, a product that changes color when drinks with drugs are spilled to it. 

The experience was traumatizing, and it took a time for Danya to recover from the happening. But she did not wallow in the darkness. Instead, she turned her fear into strength. Her product is now being used so people would not experience the same. As recognition for this contribution, Danya was awarded and recognized by many prestigious bodies like Halcyon Fellow, Future Founders Fellow, Washington Life’s 2017 Technology 25 Innovators and Disruptors, Cafe 100’s 2018 Change Maker, and 2018 Mother of InventionToyota’s . Recently, she was featured in Forbes Magazine as one of its 30 Under 30.

Instagram: @knonap

Twitter: @RealKnoNap


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