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Transforming Health and Wellness: Dr. Elise Brisco's Digital Revolution Through Modeling
Photo Credit: Dr. Elise Brisco

Transforming Health and Wellness: Dr. Elise Brisco’s Digital Revolution Through Modeling

Elise Brisco, a Vietnamese-American doctor with a rich history from pageant stages to scientific stages, is choosing a new path that merges her medical prowess with her passion for transformative health and wellness. Through her upcoming vision and wellness platform she aims to shake up mainstream healthcare and eye care by leading a community of invested individuals toward healthier lifestyle choices and personal empowerment.

Dr. Brisco’s introduction to health awareness was born from a personal journey tinged with familial health scares. Raised within a Vietnamese- American household, she was surrounded by what was perceived as staple American food – Spam, Twinkies, and chips. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for Brisco to have chips as the primary item on her menu. But life threw her a curveball when her mother and baby brother suffered devastating strokes.

The brute reality of the situation forced her to confront her own health. It turned into a wake-up call when her cholesterol levels came back high. With this, Brisco resolved to change her life for the better. The strokes left her mother with speech and mobility difficulties and curtailed her brother’s ability to work, walk or talk simultaneously. With such a life-changing plight in her family Dr. Brisco was determined not to resist similar hardships.

Transforming Health and Wellness: Dr. Elise Brisco's Digital Revolution Through Modeling
Photo Credit: Dr. Elise Brisco

She incorporated daily exercise into her routine, adopted healthier eating habits, and turned to meditation. Against the backdrop of her genetic predisposition, her dedication to her health paid off. She successfully brought down her cholesterol and blood pressure levels as well as improved her blood sugar levels. Instead of resorting to medication, she chose lifestyle changes as her preferred treatment. These challenges brought with them profound life lessons which she credits to shaping her current mission.

Brisco’s journey extends beyond personal success. Her motivation goes hand in hand with an ambition to influence a broader change. The doctor is developing a platform where the taboo of discussing health out in the open is eliminated. It challenges the societal tendency to rely heavily on traditional medicine by empowering users to be more involved in their health and decision-making. She is developing a website and app to create a safe space for people to learn about health and wellness without misinformation.

Brisco draws from her own experiences and accomplishments, like being crowned Ms. Woman California United States in 2021 and 2022, as well as placing first runner-up in the Miss United States pageants and establishing a successful modeling career. Even today, despite privacy and security challenges associated with her public image, she continues to pave the way on the runway. She utilizes modeling as a platform to showcase the advantages of a healthy lifestyle, inspiring people to see beauty as a by-product of health.

As a doctor, Dr. Brisco understands the importance of merging art and science in her mission. She urges individuals to redefine their approach to healthcare by focusing more on self-care. Her message is clear: your lifestyle can be your best medicine.

Brisco’s journey is testament to the power of determination in the face of adversity, thereby serving as an inspiration to many. She proves that genetic and age-related challenges don’t have to be defining factors in one’s health. It’s a call to action, pushing individuals to take charge of their own health.

With upcoming editorial, a billboard in West Hollywood and modeling in New York, Los Angeles and London Fashion Weeks, she continues to make waves. She aims to spread the word about her mission with her new vision and wellness platform with her inspirational story at the forefront.

In Brisco’s own words, the family strokes were a wake-up call.

“My mom ended up having several strokes. She couldn’t talk correctly and had problems walking. Then my brother had a huge stroke…It’s really scary for me that it’s in my genes, that’s my DNA. I’m at risk for so many serious health problems. That’s a call to action for me.”

This determination underscores the ethos of her upcoming vision and wellness platform and reveals the reasons why Dr. Brisco is relentless in her mission.

You can find more about Dr. Brisco and her work on her various social media platforms: Instagram Hollywood Eyes (, YouTube (, Facebook (, TikTok (99+) Elise Brisco (@hollywood.eyes) TikTok | Watch Elise Brisco’s Newest TikTok Videos and LinkedIn (

Elise Brisco is a testament to the power of a healthy lifestyle and self-determination, marking the evolution of vision wellness through her upcoming platform. With her innovative initiative, she is poised to revolutionize both healthcare and vision care’s future, one lifestyle change at a time.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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