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Unleash Your Brand Potential with Faith James: Introducing the Brand Activator Membership

Award-winning branding executive Faith James revolutionizes the branding industry with the launch of the Brand Activator Membership, an innovative program designed to empower entrepreneurs worldwide to unlock their brand potential and shine in the spotlight.

Faith James, the Queen of Branding, renowned for her expertise in creating campaigns for global brands like IBM and Liberty Mutual, announces the launch of the Brand Activator Membership. This groundbreaking program, offered by The Personal Branding Consultancy, is set to redefine how entrepreneurs approach brand development and reputation building.

Unlike traditional branding programs that rely on pre-recorded videos and generic content, the Brand Activator Membership stands out as a category of one. Members get the unique opportunity to work directly with Faith James herself through daily live Zoom meetings. Leveraging her 25+ years of real-world brand development experience, members receive expert guidance, customized strategies, and consistent support to elevate their brands to new heights.

Faith James explained the essence of the Brand Activator Membership: “Our program is designed to provide a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs to develop their brands step-by-step, ensuring they stay on the path to success. We outcare the competition by investing directly in our members’ growth, guiding them with heart and integrity. The Brand Activator Membership is all about empowering entrepreneurs to showcase their unique brilliance and attract their ideal clients.”

The Brand Activator Membership offers a comprehensive curriculum with four focus days of live training. This curriculum consists of the following:

Momentum Monday: Setting the tone for the week, members engage in motivational sessions that ignite creativity and drive.

Tech Tuesday: Equipping entrepreneurs with the latest digital tools and strategies to leverage technology effectively.

Work It Wednesday: Hands-on workshops where members actively develop their brand strategies and positioning.

Testimonial Thursday: Focused on success stories, members learn how to build powerful testimonies that elevate their brand credibility.

Additionally, the program includes monthly 1:1 brand strategy sessions with Faith James to devise personalized strategies and tactics for each member’s brand. The membership also grants access to a supportive private community group where entrepreneurs can seek guidance and network with like-minded individuals. The Engagement Pod within the membership helps members gain organic engagement across all their social media platforms, further boosting their visibility.

One unique aspect of the Brand Activator Membership is the quarterly Board of Directors meeting, where members present the state of their brands to both fellow members and special industry experts. This invaluable opportunity enables entrepreneurs to practice showcasing their expertise and standing out in the real world.

The Brand Activator Membership has already begun to empower entrepreneurs worldwide, leading to remarkable transformations. Dr. Sharon Arrindell, CEO, and Founder of Inspired Wholeness Enterprise, and a Brand Activator Member, shared her success story: “My win is that I have acquired 4 new clients for my couples and divorce care practice, since we started journaling on telegram. Thank you for what you do.”

Jodie Fitzgerald, CEO and Founder of Fitz Your Dog Training, raves about Faith James as an incredible Branding Expert. With Faith’s support, Jodie discovered a newfound level of assistance for her business and her dedication to dogs. “Faith James is an amazing Branding Expert! I had no idea of the support that I could receive for my business and my commitment to dogs. No matter what you are trying to sell, create, or do to change the world, THIS IS THE LADY you need behind you and your mission! I highly recommend Faith for your branding needs!” 

Faith James is inviting entrepreneurs to take action and join the Brand Activator Membership as Founding Members. For a limited time, entrepreneurs can access this transformative program for the special introductory price of only $47 per month. As a Founding Member, they’ll secure the opportunity to work directly with Faith James and access the full range of benefits this exclusive membership offers.

“I believe in making this life-changing support accessible to as many entrepreneurs as possible. That’s why the Brand Activator Membership is priced at a fraction of its true value. This is a chance for motivated entrepreneurs to unleash their brand potential and make a lasting impact in their industries,” Faith James stated.

To join the Brand Activator Membership and unlock your brand potential, visit their website. You can also follow Faith James on Instagram. Act fast as the Founding Member price of $47 per month won’t last long. Invest in yourself and your brand, and let Faith James guide you on the path to success and shine your brand light bright.


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