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Up-And-Coming Music Artist MC Luna Trine Shares the Importance of Creating Meaningful Connections That Last

The entertainment scene is known for its highly competitive and cutthroat environment. With everyone striving to emerge on top, rivalries and competition can hardly be avoided. If anything, many enter the industry with the mindset that creating friendships will only slow them down. However, the insightful artist MC Luna Trine believes the contrary and that forging solid relationships will help any aspiring performer thrive.

Hailing from New York City, he is a multi-talented man who has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. He initially started as a professional photographer, doing photo shoots with models for fashion shows, commercial campaigns, and other events. In addition, he has worked with many other personalities, such as musicians, who introduced him to the vibrant music industry. He has photographed several artists at Quad Music Studio, concerts, and music video sets.

And while he feels perfectly comfortable behind the lens, the exposure has piqued MC Luna Trine’s interest in making music and honing his creativity. He has since released two fantastic songs: “Aura For Me,” which talks about connecting with another person based on their aura and energy and “Come With Me To The Moon.” But, of course, the budding singer-songwriter will not stop there. In the future, he intends to add more singles and even albums to his discography.

MC Luna Trine has excellently proved the unrivaled value of staying committed to exploring new horizons and improving one’s craft. But aside from his dedication and perseverance, what helped the promising artist rise to the top was his personable and pleasant personality which enabled him to build solid and lasting friendships within the industry. 

“I try my best to be authentic and honest. I do my best to set aside my ego and feel as though everyone is the same. When I was a photographer, I could do a shoot with a well-known celebrity in a few hours after meeting up with a person starting off their journey in the creative field and treat them the same way with respect. I love to help and inspire others and give people advice. I am open to creating with other people, no matter their level of skills. I love to work with and create with other people. I am open to trying new creative ideas and taking advice from others,” the young man explained.

When asked what motivated him to embody such an enlightened philosophy, he insightfully responded, “Being a former photographer that has shot with many celebrities and public figures has allowed me to see everyone the same—not viewing everyone differently based on their status or success. I understand that building with anyone willing to build with you is more important than how well-known a person is. Also, my openness and nonjudgmental view of people’s creativity helps me become open to working with other people from all walks of life.”

Moving forward, MC Luna Trine plans to continue honing his artistic skills. Additionally, he intends to solidify his status as a respected musician. But above all, the outstanding man hopes to continue forging meaningful and lasting connections within the entertainment industry.

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