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Uplift Provisions Company, LLC Uplifting the Lives of Others by Helping Them Overcome Drug Addiction

Tyler Carlson of Haven Barber Studio

While many people are born with a specific passion, it took a life-changing car accident and a lifelong battle with addiction for master barber Rocco Danieli to find his. After losing two of his sisters to drug abuse and seeing how his brother overcame the adversities of alcoholism, Rocco knew he needed a new focus. Uplift Provisions Company, LLC lifted him from misery, and he now focuses on helping others overcome addiction and various hardships.

The idea to build Uplift Provisions Company, LLC first occurred to the co-founder’s mind after seeing how the market was filled with distasteful products that were heavily scented and inconvenient to use. In 2017, Rocco went off to formulate a hair care and styling line from his kitchen. It wasn’t until 2018 when the master barber reached out to his client and long-time friend Steve Presti, and his wife, Kelly, that the brand blossomed into a lifestyle brand that focuses on uplifting others.

Uplift Provisions Company carries a line of products developed with clean and simple ingredients. Rocco wanted to eliminate unnecessary frills and marketing gimmicks by focusing on what his clients genuinely need—an honest brand. While most available products added phthalates, sulfates, and dyes to improve their formulas, Rocco went for a different route using natural, soothing essential oils such as peppermint and lime. Not only are they calming scents, but such ingredients also promote better hair health and growth.

Today, Uplift Provisions Company has wholly reinvigorated the hair care scene with their signature water-soluble products. Among their bestsellers is the “Signature Pomade” that gives a stronghold, a unique “Styling Compound” made with kaolin clay and the Signature Pomade, and the “Texture Dust”, a dry product that adds lift and texture. The brand will also be launching a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and a clear shave gel made with spirulina extract and arnica, giving customers a finer shave finish without irritation and razor burn.

“We create handcrafted products from clean and simple ingredients. Our products need to perform, but not overwhelm you with strong, synthetic scents or added dyes, sulfates, or phthalates. Rather, we use uplifting essential oils including peppermint and lime to create an energizing experience that leaves you feeling awake, refreshed, and ready for a new day,” shared Rocco.

Furthermore, Uplift Provisions Company remains relentless on its mission to positively impact the lives of those in need. Rocco understands the feeling of hitting rock bottom and having nobody to rely on other than a vision for a better life. Because of his past, the co-founder feels responsible for using the company’s success in creating a more positive world.

Uplift Provisions Company hosts barber competitions to raise money for addiction and mental health awareness. The company also brought their whole uplift team to give haircuts for children at the Nashua children’s home located in Nashua, NH. This year, Rocco and his team are dedicating 1% of all sales to The Family Restored, a nonprofit organization that gives back to recovering addicts and their families and helps them carve a new path. On a personal level, Rocco continues to help recovering addicts as an Independent Facilitator at both Meta Addiction Treatment Center in North Reading, MA, and Banyan Treatment Center in Wilmington, MA. He teaches Mindfulness and Meditation classes for those chasing long-term sobriety.

“Uplift Provisions Company believes in unifying others. With us, you are a part of a team, a community of like-minded individuals here to support and encourage one another,” said Rocco. “Life can be hard. It’s important to inspire people to make them feel good and look good. That’s the biggest satisfaction I have in life,” he added.

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