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Xidax Levels the Playing Field on Next-Generation Gaming

The billion-dollar gaming industry has seen a prominent rise in mainstream culture. Several “Triple A” games have been released to multiple devices, with the PC being a hardcore gamer’s system of choice. However, it takes a high-end computer to make the most out of the biggest titles in today’s gaming ecosystem. As a result, numerous gaming enthusiasts have been left in the dust when it comes to maximizing the full experience of what next-generation gaming truly has to offer. Xidax is a leading PC brand that hopes to change all of that, leveling the playing field by offering high-end PCs with perks unlike any other.

Xidax offers its customers a Lifetime Parts and Service Guarantee for their desktops, allowing gamers to get the most out of their treasured devices. The lifetime warranty means that customers who purchase a new PC system will no longer need to pay labor or service charges related to any PC system during the course of its lifetime. The warranty covers the original core computer, including all of the hardware inside the computer case, except for any special ordered parts specifically requested by the buyer. 

This unique offer has elevated Xidax into a true gamer’s brand of choice by making the ultimate gaming experience much more affordable. Computer parts can be very costly to replace these days, and high-end graphics and video cards can go for a hefty sum. The warranty solves this particular issue by ensuring Xidax customers don’t need to spend a lot to fix their systems.

Aside from PCs, Xidax also offers high-quality laptops with the brand’s trademark exceptional customer service. The company’s laptops also have a two-year Laptop Parts and Labor Warranty, which can be upgraded to three years once the user configures their custom Xidax laptop on the company’s website. 

Furthermore, Xidax has built a spotless reputation in the industry through its remarkable tech support team, which helps customers fix their issues on time. People from all walks of life have lauded Xidax for its passion for serving the gaming community. Public companies outside the gaming industry have also praised the brand for providing essential services for all their PC and Laptop needs.

“Packed with raw power and made to game, Xidax excels at creating powerhouse PCs for gaming, streaming, and demanding workloads such as video and CG rendering. After three decades of building some of the world’s most advanced PCs, we continue to push the limits of cutting edge PC technology, overclocking, cooling, and design,” stated the company’s website.

Founder and CEO Daniel Young stands at the forefront of Xidax, bringing his passion for the gaming community to elevate the company’s brand of service. “We are gamers, and we have been from the beginning. Our goal is to solve all of the problems PC gamers face when building their own PCs or buying from a builder that can’t guarantee their products. That is why all Xidax desktops feature a lifetime parts and labor warranty,” shared Young.

As among the leading companies in the gaming industry, Xidax has managed to work with A-list clients dubbed The Xidax Players. These clients include Neebs Gaming, Mr. Beast, Steve Aoki, Unbox Therapy, Chris Ramsay, Weaken, and many more.

Providing the gaming industry with a true benchmark for quality, Xidax vows to remain steadfast in its mission to serve its clients with passion and quality. Since its inception, Xidax has delivered high-quality results without fail. There is nowhere to go but up from here for the exceptional brand, and visionary entrepreneur Daniel Young is here to make sure of that.

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