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ZaRio, the Activist and Rising Artist On the Hit Single, “She Don’t Know Love”

It has long been established that music can serve as a tool for driving change, inspiring others, and sending across powerful messages of hope and love. While it is inarguable that countless artists consider it as a tool for self-expression, it is also undeniable that a significant number of musicians treat this particular form of art as a medium to impact people positively. ZaRio, one of the must-watch names in the industry, is among the purpose-driven personalities who hope not only to make waves in the cut-throat music scene but also to make ripples in the lives of others. 

This multifaceted singer and songwriter, who has been likened to powerhouses like Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Brian McKnight, is rising through the ranks, thanks to his distinctive artistry, impeccable discography, and cause-oriented initiative. Classically trained as well as educated in the field of R&B, ZaRio was under the tutelage of the acclaimed vocal coach Cynnamyn. 

Since he was young, ZaRio has always had an affinity toward rhythms and beats and from the get-go, he has set his eyes on making a name in the world of music and entertainment. At eight years old, this passion-fueled artist discovered the appeal of the craft, and his initial interest in it evolved into a deep-seated love when he joined his middle school choir. So, it did not come as a surprise when he eventually took the steps that will bring him closer to the limelight. 

However, ZaRio’s interest did not revolve only around music. During his teenage years, he became heavily engaged with community work, leading and organizing the youth in Atlanta and bringing together like-minded individuals in other parts of the country. The endeavor, which jump-started his love for activism and opened his eyes to the importance of contributing to the upliftment of his community, was the starting line of the road that led him to become a seasoned motivational speaker focused on leadership, change, and personal development. 

At one point, ZaRio struggled with finding the balance between his pursuit of a career in the music industry and his involvement in the community, with his devotion to the arts paling in comparison to his need to make a difference. But now, the well-respected figure is back, ready to explode into the scene with his debut single, “She Don’t Know Love.” Co-produced by Errol Taylor, the track boasts beautiful harmonies set to touch listeners worldwide and catchy melodic beats. 

With the release of “She Don’t Know Love,” ZaRio aims to propel R&B toward the forefront once again. Currently, he is climbing up the charts and solidifying his presence on streaming platforms, aided by the growing popularity of his song, which hit the top ten on iTunes Charts and garnered around one million streams in its first few weeks. It is currently No. 4 at the Indie R&B charts while ranking No. 39 overall on the R&B chart at FM MediaBase Radio.

In the coming months, ZaRio is bound to drop more projects, all of which are designed to cement his reputation within the music scene. As he continues to carve a path toward the summit, he plans not only to remain an active contributor to the improvement of his community but also to inspire people from all walks of life. 

Learn more about ZaRio by visiting his website and Youtube channel.

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