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4 Reasons You Are Spending Too Much On Your Car

The average cost of owning and operating a new car in America is $12,182, a significant rise from 2022’s $10,728. While car ownership is naturally high, you might end up spending unnecessarily if you aren’t careful. Discussed below are four reasons why you are spending too much on your car.

1. Poor fuel efficiency

Considering how high fuel prices have risen, fuel economy has become necessary. Regardless of the type of car you drive, you want to ensure you’re maximizing every gallon. If there’s a dip in your miles per gallon, it could be due to various automotive problems affecting fuel efficiency. The common reasons for fuel inefficiency in your car may include:

  • Clogged air filters: Oxygen sensors and air filters ascertain that the ratio of fuel and air entering the engine is right for optimal performance. When damaged or blocked, this ratio is affected, raising the fuel amount your vehicle is using
  • Faulty spark plugs: Damage or wear and tear can cause spark plugs not to spark correctly, affecting combustion, which increases fuel consumption
  • Poor driving habits: Aggressive acceleration and other bad driving habits lead to increased fuel use
  • Wrong fuel: If you aren’t using the fuel recommended by your car’s manufacturer, that could be the reason for fuel inefficiency

Inspecting your vehicle and fixing these issues can help you save money at the pump.

2. Failure to service your car

Putting off your vehicle’s routine maintenance can affect its performance and result in more expenses on repairs that would have otherwise been avoided. When you neglect maintenance, you’ll use excess fuel as your engine won’t operate as efficiently, lowering your miles per gallon. Since vehicle parts work together, driving with one issue for a long time increases the risk of others arising, leading to more repairs and expenses.

Lack of maintenance or improper car care leads to untimely wear and tear, lowering resale value. To maintain your vehicle’s good shape while avoiding unnecessary repair expenses, keep up with routine car servicing. Consider doing regular oil changes and tune-ups and checking tire pressure. Also, keeping up with car maintenance can help catch problems before they escalate, preventing high repair costs.

3. Take your own car parts to the garage

While you might think you’re saving a few bucks by buying your own vehicle parts, that isn’t the case. Since they have no warranty, the parts can wear out in no time if they’re made from unreliable material. You may also get the wrong part or not even know where the parts are from. To prevent these issues that may cause you to spend unnecessarily, opt for a labor and parts service. Professional mechanics have connections with reliable part providers, ensuring quality parts that will serve you longer.

In addition, when you take your own parts to the garage, you won’t get a warranty on work done, leaving a financial burden on you for anything that goes wrong. Allowing for a labor and part service experience gets you a warranty and keeps you from spending more on premature repairs.

4. Lack of alternative transport method

If you use your car daily, you’ll likely spend more money. Looking for alternative transport options, including carpooling, can help cut your monthly car expenses.


Vehicle expenses, if not controlled, can get out of hand. Understanding why you’re spending too much on your car can help you find ways to save.


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