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ASTR: Dr. Joseph Jacobs Pioneers Self-Treatment Procedures

Access to medical care is a major problem for most low-income earners globally. Regardless of insurance, the cost of medical treatment, medication, and especially medical procedures is expensive for the average person living in America. For Dr. Joseph Jacobs utilizing his medical expertise to help cut the cost on medical expenses and to empower patients to treat themselves in the comfort of their home led him to developing a treatment plan known as Advanced Soft Tissue Release (ASTR).

Dr. Joseph Jacobs is a medical practitioner, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Advanced Clinical Nutritionist, and Instructor who is responsible for the ASTR, a cutting-edge procedure that allows patients to fix their pain and health problems from home without the help of a professional or the extra cost of treatment. Dr. Jacobs has received approval for eight other patents as he looks to introduce a more simplistic, do-it-yourself treatment plan through ASTR Institute. He holds a doctorate of physical therapy degree from Dominican College in New York and a bachelor’s degree concentrated in hotel and restaurant management from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.

It took Dr. Jacobs surviving cancer for him to realize how unfair the medical system is and his experience with chronic headaches and migraines during his recovery period led him to actively begin seeking alternative ways of curing minor health challenges. “After my second cancer treatment, I used to suffer from chronic migraines, pain, and fatigue, and I could not find relief. That led me to research and invent ASTR treatment to overcome my disability, and I started to implement the same programs on my patients and noticed similar results.”

ASTR is an advanced biopsychosocial treatment model that has proven via numerous research to be an effective method of treating chronic pain of any kind, thus eliminating the method where patients have to see at least 5-7 healthcare providers before they get treatment. ASTR is a revolutionary treatment procedure, because in addition to it being self-applicable, it can be done at home and is known to treat pain from its source. 

Pain is something that affects everyone, but it doesn’t have to rule your life. Jacobs’ ASTR programs are easy to follow and provide relief for active individuals who want an alternative treatment option without the need of prescription drugs or surgery.

As far scientific discovery goes, Dr. Jacobs is not done, and as he makes a commitment to providing alternative and effective procedures to improve healthcare and treatment, he hopes other scientists take a cue from that to create an environment where invasive treatment methods are completely phased out. 

Learn more about Dr. Jacobs and ASTR by visiting their website. Listen to his TEDx talk to fully grasp the idea behind Alternative Soft Tissue Release. 

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