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Athlete’s Thread Launches with a Bang and Sets its Sights on the Future

Get ready to see your favorite student athletes milly rocking on TikTok with their brand new merch!

Athlete’s Thread is on a wild adventure to unleash the financial power of student-athletes. With a lineup of over 20 colleges, they’ve got the gear to help 3,000 athletes rock their unique image and make a name for themselves. And with 14,000 top-notch products, Athlete’s Thread is stampeding ahead as the NIL king of the market.

The student-athletes are taking the reins and cashing in on their fame thanks to the NCAA’s game-changing decision. With the power to monetize their NIL, they are calling the shots on their careers and securing their financial future – and Athlete’s Thread is leading the charge to help them make the most of it. “Our licensed merchandise and apparel are designed to help student-athletes showcase their talents and build their personal brands while also generating revenue for themselves and their schools,” said CEO Karthik Shanadi.

Athlete’s Thread just hit the ground running with the University of Connecticut Huskies, and it was a touchdown! They dominated the market with 225 athletes and a whopping 1971 products across 21 sports teams. In fact, they went from idea to reality in just three days. While other sports merchandise companies were still in the starting blocks, Athlete’s Thread was already breaking records. Just one week after launch, they racked up over 1,500 sold products – proof that their lightning-fast speed to market is a winning strategy.

Athlete’s Thread is helping superstars like Bryce Young, Paige Bueckers, and Azzi Fudd unleash their signature styles. And they’re not just stopping at a few stars – with the biggest collection of NIL merchandise around, Athlete’s Thread is scaling up and up, with the power to launch personalized products for thousands of athletes every day.

Shanadi credits the company’s skyrocket to glory to three differentiators: massive size, lightning fastness, and an epic catalog control system. “Our technology allows us to launch personalized products for thousands of athletes. The second is our speed. We’re able to take thousands of athletes live within three days of signing a college onboard. No other company has been able to move this fast. Third is our catalog management, our ability to create and organize licensed merch stores for each athlete, college and sports program with every launch, not just broad program launches for each college, which allows us to provide a better customer and athlete experience,” said Shanadi.

Athlete’s Thread is on a mission to bring 10,000 elite athletes into the spotlight by the end of the year, with an army of 60 colleges eagerly waiting in line to join the action. CMO Luke McGurrin says, “Our goal is to help the maximum number of athletes monetize on their name, image and likeness in the fastest way possible. We’ve got some big projects underway to achieve this that we can’t share yet but are really excited to announce them at the start of 2023.”

Athlete’s Thread is helping student-athletes reach greater heights in their career through monetized NIL, making it easy for every athlete to capitalize on their hard work and dedication to their sport.

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