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Brandon Carrero on Making Affordable Homeownership Accessible to all

Buying a home is a crucial aspect of the American dream, but the process can be a little daunting for a first-timer because there are so many steps, tasks, and requirements. To make the process of affordable homeownership available to all, real-estate entrepreneur Brandon Carrero is availing prospective and aspiring homeowners of multiple options.

Hailing from Texas, Brandon Carrero is a licensed real estate broker with a Political Science B. A degree from the University of Houston and an MBA from Marylhurst University. He is also the CEO of Boxx Builder, a company focused on solving the U.S housing crisis by providing affordable luxury container homes, and the esteemed founder of Carrero Mortgage Advisors, a mortgage lending company specializing in construction finance residential and commercial mortgages.

Brandon’s experience in the real estate industry includes an extensive resume as Vice President at Leblanc, Karlseng & Patten where he worked as a Texas Fee Attorney specializing in residential and commercial mortgages. Additionally, he served on the board of Arbor Green as President of the homeowner association. For over a decade, Brandon has made it his mission to make homeownership an achievable dream for everyone.

Brandon has collaborated with Miami Dade County as a certified lender to establish the Affordable Homeownership Program called Public Housing and Community Development through his company Carrero Mortgage Advisors. The homeownership program encourages first-time homeowners to seek assistance and obtain a mortgage loan subsidy through the County’s loan program. Although applicants must qualify under CDBG, HOME, SHIP or Surtax income guidelines, the assistance remains a welcome one for prospective homebuyers. 

As part of his unwavering commitment to making homeownership accessible, Brandon, through his company, Carrero Mortgage Advisors, also works with Public Housing and Community to provide homeowners with a low-interest second or third mortgage, making the process of owning a home easy and affordable. Besides running a company that provides luxury container homes, Brandon is also a humanitarian. He has been involved in some earth restoration programs and actively helped create the Dioceses of Roseau Cathedral Foundation. This foundation was crucial in raising money for the devastated island of Dominica after Hurricane Maria.

Over the next few years, Brandon Carrero wants to continue to make an impact as a real estate professional and help many people and families afford their dream homes while on a budget. “The home is where a family feels safe, and owning a home is a lofty dream many people hope to achieve. It has been a dream for decades, but we want to make it achievable and within reach,” he shared.

Additionally, he plans to expand his business nationwide and help many individuals fulfill the American dream of becoming homeowners. He draws motivation from his passion for the real estate industry and making sure families and individuals have access to the best deals. He hopes to solve real estate problems one person at a time every day.

 To learn more about Brandon Carrero and his real estate companies, visit his LinkedIn profile.


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