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CEO of Luxlion Incorporated, Noah Navarro, Offers Nationwide Fire Safety Solutions Through His Company’s Subsidiary, the Fast Fire Watch Co.

As the CEO of Luxlion Incorporated, Noah Navarro is also the owner of its subsidiary company, The Fast Fire Watch Co. As such, his company provides nationwide fire watch guard services that are effective and efficient.

Navarro has always been dedicated to safety, and so is The Fast Fire Watch Co. “We care about your safety, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you have the fire watch security that you need at the best rates,” explains Navarro.

Navarro’s aim is to continue being flexible, fast, and nationally renowned. This shows through its wide range of fire watch guard services that cater to clients from different industries; all of which receive superior security solutions using top-of-the-line equipment and fire watch guards.

His extensively trained guards are equipped for a range of services. They help when alarm systems are down, but they also help prevent fires by spotting potential hazards.

Navarro’s crew is equipped to patrol to a variety of locations, including construction sites. Construction sites have a high risk of fire since there are many movements and possible raw materials available. A fire may easily break out on these sites, especially if workers are present.

Construction sites need more monitoring than fully completed buildings and homes because they are not yet operational. In situations like this, it can be difficult to get a fire watch guard onboard quickly. However, this is never the case with the Fast Fire Watch Co. Navarro prioritizes dependability, safety, and speed, and his team are always available.

Navarro provides an effective security service that comes with superior equipment and highly trained and capable guards.

He ensures that his team is knowledgeable and professional. His fire watch security services protect not only the facility from fire but also provide useful information about combustible materials on the premises.

This data may be used to safeguard people and property. They’ll remove combustible items from the area and transport them to a designated location according to fire safety standards.

Navarro’s Fast Fire Watch Co. team is ready 24/7 for virtually any kind of occasion. If a commercial property has yet to install a fire alarm system or is undergoing maintenance or transformation, municipal rules require on-site watchkeeping until the system is completely functional. In these cases, Navarro aims for his fire watch guard service to be the first to be called.

If your facility is located in a remote area, it might be difficult to get fire watch guards on site quickly. However, regardless of the situation, Navarro’s team always successfully secure the site and provide effective fire watch services that meet all safety standards.

This is because Navarro keeps only highly trained professionals, often with years of industry experience, on his team. He makes sure that his fire guards are ready for any situation.

Navarro wants to help prevent fire emergencies; he wants his team to prevent fires rather than be there to call the fire department. Most people would agree that having a fireguard in place is always preferable to calling the fire department.

As a CEO, Navarro understands the importance of fire watch guards as secure investments that also aid in the protection of other assets. Navarro has built a capable fire watch guards service to help others rest easy in the knowledge that their company or property is in good hands.


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