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CFAM Records Is the Rising Music Powerhouse Bringing Talented Artists to the Top of the Music Industry

With many talented music visionaries bringing their abilities to the music arena, reaching the top of the music chain becomes an even more challenging task for independent artists with no labels to back them up in their endeavors. With that in mind, finding the best music label becomes a crucial consideration for those who wish to rise significantly in the industry. CFAM Records, alongside EMG, is dedicated to making a difference for artists by bringing their musical potential to lifelong stardom.

Originally established as CFA RECORDS, this rising music label quickly gained significant traction in the music industry. As part of its journey of moving forward, it rebranded itself to what is now popularly known as CFAM Records. Moreover, it also ventured into a strategic partnership with another force to be reckoned with in the realm of music, the EMG LLC. Together, the two record powerhouses are on a mission to fill one of the significant pieces of the industry puzzle.  

Behind the illuminating success of CFAM Records is its founder and creator, Jonni Apollo. He found himself drawn to music for most of his life and felt that this was his true calling. After experiencing several challenges that included rejections after rejections, he shifted his mindset and took on a whole different approach in the industry. He was determined to turn his vision into reality. From that, he used his drive and determination to establish his company. 

Like Jonni Apollo, Lex Esquivel is another music mogul who was determined to succeed in the music industry. Through confidence, cultural essence, and a strong mentality that echoes “This is how it has to be,” he established EMG, LLC. 

Together, the modern-day Eminem and Dr. Dre tandem, Jonni Apollo and Lex Esquivel are bringing new opportunities to undiscovered talents through CFAM Records and EMG. Rising rap star Allen $now is the first to sign to CFAM Records. Following this milestone, the talented artist Yori will also sign to the label. This only marks the beginning of a grander vision for CFAM and EMG. With many incredible plans and vision in mind, Jonni and Lex are taking it day by day to ensure overall success for both the companies and the signed artists.

Today, Jonni Apollo hopes for CFAM Records to inspire people to chase after their dreams. For the label founder, his success in the industry is only beginning. He prides himself on the fact that he successfully catapulted himself to where he is today without taking any shortcuts. “Everything we’ve done all the way up to this point is out of our own pocket. No type of funding at all,” he shares. The CFAM Records leader also points out how believing in oneself is the ultimate key to success. For aspirants looking to pursue their goals, he has this to say: “Believe in yourself and find others who believe in themselves. Believe in each other. Don’t be jealous if one team member is doing something different. Everyone has their own journey, but you came together to move as a unit. Clap for each other and give a high five. It goes a long way to be a team player,” he thoroughly explains. 

Learn more about CFAM Records and sign to the label by visiting its official website.

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