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How to Create an Entertaining Children’s Channel from Scratch without having an Acting or Directing Education

Creating an entertaining children’s channel from scratch without any acting or directing education might seem like a daunting task, but it’s something many young people are trying to do. They’re looking for ways to engage their audience and make their channel stand out. Imagine being able to work on a yacht surrounded by palm trees and the sea, all while earning millions of views and having a dedicated following. That’s the dream, right? But how to reach this cherished goal, how difficult and thorny is the path to millions of views and a devoted audience? Well, the family behind the popular channel Vania Mania Kids is here to share their insights and answer some of these questions. 

Hey Diana! Congrats on the success of your channel, Vania Mania Kids. Can you share with us what your life was like before the channel’s creation?

Before we started the channel, we had a hectic life. My husband and I worked freelance jobs, spending a lot of time on the road for work. We’d get up at 5 am, take the kids to kindergarten by 7, and not get home until 9 pm. There was barely any time for the kids during the week. We hated this. But on Saturdays, we decided to start filming videos to bring some variety to our lives and get closer to the kids. We started filming in September 2015 for our own enjoyment, and it became a bonding experience that united us and the kids. Of course, we had no idea it would become popular.

Can you recall when you noticed a significant increase in views or subscribers on the channel? What events led up to this?

After a year of filming just for fun, we had accumulated a lot of great videos on the channel, but it still had very few subscribers. My husband and I decided it would be a shame for the videos to go unseen, so we ran our first advertisement. After a couple of weeks, the first results from advertising were visible: views went up, and the number of subscribers began to grow. In just a couple of months, we also started earning income from the channel. It started with just a few dollars and soon the channel was making more than my entire salary from my job. So, I quit and devoted all my time to the kids and the channel.

What is your main audience? Are there the most loyal fans? Which countries have the most of your fans?

Most of our subscribers are from the United States,with 50 to 60%. We also have a large following in Europe & GCC.. Our audience is primarily English-speaking, and the data shows that the age range is 25 to 40 years old, which are mostly the parents of the children who watch the videos. Our main audience is still kids, aged 2 to 6, and we have some very loyal fans, including parents who have subscribed to us on Instagram and reach out to us for special requests. They often ask to record congratulatory videos for their children or write words of gratitude to Yandex.Direct. When we were on vacation in Dubai, we saw how our popularity had increased, as many fans came to chat and take pictures with us.

Is there any trick to developing the channel and growing the audience?

Staying current is key. I always try to keep up with what’s trending on the Internet and incorporate those topics into my videos. When “Masha and the Bear” was popular, we dressed up as the characters and re-filmed scenes in our own style. That video was a hit. It appeared in the recommended episodes of the cartoon after getting millions of views. Sometimes, certain colors or toys are trending, and we focus on those in our videos. The secret to growing the audience is staying up to date with what’s popular. It won’t grow without trends. 

Do the kids have specific roles when filming, or is it more spontaneous?

Our older children, Ivan and Maria, have their own roles as actors. They know what the younger kids want to see and direct the filming accordingly. They know how to set the pace of filming for their younger siblings, organize and direct them. Ivan is especially focused on the game and tries to keep it as genuine as possible. For the younger kids, it’s all just a big game. They laugh and play but they look up to the older ones and follow their lead. They all make a wonderful team.

Do you ever collaborate with psychologists or teachers?


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