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Divina Caballo Shares 3 Insightful Tips To Help You Heal Your Way To Happiness

We are a species that is slowly coming into its own. When we split away from our primate ancestors, there was no knowing where it would lead us. But here we are, millions of years later, navigating life. As we came into our own, we also realized how raw and broken we are as a species. We also learned that mending this brokenness will be a difficult path. Yet, we crave this healing, an expectation and hope to which people like Divina Caballo are responding. As the founder of FreeSpirit Academy, she has made it her life’s mission to help you heal your way to happiness. She shares three ways to find joy and make it last in this article.

Unblock Yourself

How often have you told yourself that you are not worthy of something, that your dreams will never be realized, and wondered why “it,” whatever that may be, only happens to you? If you have done that even once, you have indeed become your own roadblock.

With her 20 years of experience as a life guide, Divina Caballo is well aware of how we make our own lives difficult and often unnecessarily so. To help people believe in their true potential and abundance, she shows them how to set free from those aspects of themselves that were blocking them from real abundance.

Activate Your True Intelligence

True intelligence is the antidote to pitiful living. Pitiful living is one in which we do not see beyond our noses, allow ourselves to be blinded by our negativity, and let fear triumph. Such views deactivate our true intelligence and inhibit the happiness life has in store for us.

Divina Caballo believes in the power of this authentic intelligence. And even more, in people’s ability to activate it with the right guidance. For her, true intelligence is about realizing you are capable of being intelligent and of making decisions regarding finances, relationships, and health. She encourages people to believe in their intelligence, cultivates it accurately, and allow their spirit to be guided by their voice.

Reawaken Your Authentic Self

Among many things, Divina Caballo is also an international best-selling author. Her book “Reawaken Your Authentic Self” shares scientific techniques to develop a strong mindset. She links happiness to authenticity and shows us when we are true to ourselves, we are true to our joy. For her, it is all about taking root in one’s potential to become their best self and not allowing negative thoughts and emotions to take one away from becoming who we are born to become.

Happiness may mean different things to different people, but the methods to achieve happiness and heal along the way remain the same. With Divina Caballo’s insights, one can unleash themselves and find everlasting happiness.



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