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Geneva Williams
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Dr. Geneva Williams is Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs to Live their Most Vibrant Life With Dr. Geneva Speaks

In a world where women’s voices are still too often silenced, the need for female speakers who empower and inspire others through their words and actions has never been greater. 

As more women rise to the top of their respective fields and become leaders for other women, there is an increased demand for female speakers who can provide motivation, insights, and inspiration. 

Dr. Geneva Williams answered the call to change, and is a powerhouse in the world of executive coaching for entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders and high-profile individuals. An iconic figurehead in Michigan and across the country for both her vibrant personality as well as her decades of experience in leadership development, Dr. Williams is a thought leader and a go-getter. Dr. Geneva Williams is the President and CEO of Dr. Geneva Speaks, a company that helps female entrepreneurs and CEOs expand their leadership skills and philanthropic works, inspiring countless individuals to effect positive change in their lives and in their communities.

Already a well-celebrated figure, Dr. Williams has achieved many remarkable feats throughout her career, including being the first Black woman executive leader for the United Way of Metropolitan Detroit. She went on to establish City Connect Detroit, a model of public-private cooperation that has been recognized on a national level.

Geneva Williams
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Known for her energetic and engaging style of leadership, Dr. Williams’ coaching leaves audiences feeling motivated and ready to take on any challenge. Through her years’ worth of experience, Dr. Geneva Williams’ mission of empowerment has channeled that energy into helping fellow entrepreneurs finally live their vibrant life.

The trailblazing CEO has taken her platform to online spaces, reaching audiences across the globe with her thoughtful message. Her weekly podcast, Ignite2Impact, features discussions with fellow creators and leaders in various industries, and is available on-demand through streaming platforms iTunes and iHeart. Her strong social media presence and unwavering commitment to bringing societal change have enamored fans across the globe, and Dr. Williams is at the forefront of a new wave of female speakers who are shaping the industry in exciting new ways.

Hailing from Neptune Township, N.J., Dr. Geneva earned her doctorate in education from Wayne State University. She is also the recipient of the prestigious Then & Now award by the Women of Ferry Street for her exemplary contributions to the historic district in Detroit.

Geneva Williams
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She has also authored several books, most notably the critically-acclaimed non-fiction book Creating Your Next You. In it, Dr. Geneva presents her leadership acumen through practical and motivational how-to’s, shining light on her perspective as a leading expert in philanthropic and executive coaching.
Her impactful words and actions inspire women and communities around the world to strive for greatness and achieve success. Through Dr. Geneva Speaks, her weekly podcast Ignite2Impact, and her strong social media presence, she continues to spread her message of hope, resilience, and determination to a wider audience. If you are a female entrepreneur or business owner looking for a motivational speaker to ignite your spirit and empower your journey, Dr. Geneva Williams is the perfect choice. Her wisdom, expertise, and passion will leave you feeling invigorated, inspired, and ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

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