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Elisa Sintjago: An Inspiration for Women around the World

Understanding one’s ability and staying consistent with what one can do are two of the quickest ways to succeed. Talented singer, songwriter, model and entrepreneur, Elisa Sintjago understood her abilities early enough and has forged her life’s path, fully harnessing her talents and gifts and staying consistent with the sole goal of achieving success.

The bundle of talent comes from a music background from The Netherlands and grew up with the mindset that she had to create a life that would make things easier for her future. So, putting her rough childhood aside, Elisa began to work hard toward the life she desired, and today, she’s well on her way to the dream life she pictured for herself and her family.

Elisa Sintjago is the owner of a triple-threat chain of companies, namely Doll House Beauty Lounge LLC, Ellas Swimwear and Dream House The Label. She runs these businesses in addition to her budding music career as she strives to be an inspiration to women globally. Elisa’s foray into business was motivated by her love for working and interacting with people. So, naturally, she had a flair for talking to people and convincing them to take anything she had to offer. Her persistent and convincing nature also helped her get into the modeling world. In her words: “It was hard because I was never not skinny or tall enough, but somehow they found me hard to pass up, and here we are today.”

Juggling all her areas of interest at once comes with a huge sacrifice, but she has always shown her readiness to shoulder whatever storm might be coming her way. “There are always hurdles, but that makes you stronger. These hurdles help you learn about what and what not to do,” she said. In addition to her companies and her work in the entertainment industry, Elisa Sintjago is into real estate and is building her name in the real estate market too.

Getting to work as a model for the popular lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret was a major game-changer for Elisa Sintjago. At that point, she knew nothing could stop her on the path she chose. “I remember that moment. It refueled me and gave me all I needed to keep forging ahead regardless of challenges. And I hope that my story inspires someone out there to believe in themselves unashamedly. You are what you think. Everything you think is your reality. Always be mindful,” she said.

Elisa Sintjago’s favorite thing to do is to help people, and with her position, she’s doing her part to help people by teaching and inspiring them. As a multifaceted individual, she understands that no one may be able to replicate the things she has done or achieved, but she does her best to help people streamline their dreams and pathways to achieving those dreams. She also encourages people to dream of achieving more, which is why she encourages everyone to keep learning and be open to learning. In her words, she said: “I achieved a bunch of things, but there is still so much to learn and so much to achieve. You just never stop learning in life.”

Over the next few years, Elisa sees her dreams coming to reality and doing everything she has in her bucket list at the moment. She hopes to fully manifest her passion for helping people by creating programs and launching empowerment initiatives for women globally. She believes that the right guidance can help many women become better versions of themselves and leave behind the stumbling blocks inhibiting their growth. Thus, while she focuses on achieving success in all her ventures, she hopes that women pursuing success follow her journey and learn a few things from her achievements, failures and successes.

Elisa Sintjago is a massive advocate of self-love, which is something she wants every woman to embrace. “Loving yourself can help you achieve success faster because it shields you from useless things and makes you focus on the important things. Don’t be naive. Love yourself passionately, and you’ll see your dreams falling into place right before you,” she said. “Also, stay consistent because your fans and followers always want more from you. So, be ready to give them a show.”


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