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Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones
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Faith + Purpose + Profit (FPP) Podcast Host Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones on Maneuvering People Toward Their Goals and Long-Held Vision of Success

In recent years, personal development has taken on a new significance, drawing the interest of people from all walks of life and becoming one of the focus areas that individuals place a heavy premium on. As a result, the industry witnessed a surge of professionals and practitioners whose aim is to steer their clients toward their goals and break down the daunting process of growth into digestible words of wisdom and pieces of advice. However, this inundation has made it difficult for many to connect with those who can be highly trusted with their journey to self-improvement. Amid the sea of authorities in the personal development space, Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones has emerged as a go-to expert for go-getters who want to transform into better versions of themselves. 

Widely recognized as the “Purpose Producer,” Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones is the founder of NRJ Enterprises, a premier training and development company established under the overarching mission to help corporations develop a high-performance workplace by making sure that an employee’s brilliance and a personal sense of purpose aligns with their role at work, as well as with the corporation’s culture and values. This brainchild of hers firmly believes that the effective intersection of all three areas leads to increased productivity and develops stronger leaders. 

The extent to which Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones manages to propel companies to the next level is well-recorded and speaks of her extensive experience. A veteran of the entertainment industry, the multi-faceted transformational speaker and author initially worked in talent management and casting before she pivoted to use her talents and gifts to help others. 

Currently, Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones works with entrepreneurs to “bankroll their brilliance” and create multiple income streams from what they already know. Moreover, she offers training and development opportunities to corporations that wish to raise employee engagement and retention. 

So far, Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones has earned the patronage of a long list of businesses, including Steve Harvey World Group, Dell EMC, McDonald’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lisa Nichols and Motivating the Masses, Coach Diversity Institute, the BOSS Network, and more. 

On top of serving as a reliable knowledge dispenser for entrepreneurs and ventures, Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones is also the voice behind Faith + Purpose + Profit (FPP), a podcast where she shares thought-provoking insights and behind-the-curtain conversations designed to motivate listeners into reaching for greater heights.

“The goal of this podcast is not to focus on who you already are but on who you have not yet become,” shared Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones. This goal is at the heart of her core message in 2023, as well. “Every year, I hear from so many folks who set resolutions. Unfortunately, many of their resolutions are forgotten by the time we get to February. For the upcoming year, instead of resolutions, how about setting goals?”

Translating the vision of a successful 2023 into reality will involve a journey with its fair share of struggles, but Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones asserts that it is possible. As a first step, one needs to begin with an end in mind and think of what one would love to accomplish. Once armed with a clear-cut vision, they can then benefit from setting small goals.

“What is the small step you can take toward the bigger goal by the end of January?” prompted Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones. “How about the end of the first quarter? In six months? Setting goals step by step makes them easier to digest.”

While it is critical to plan ahead, as essential is gauging and looking back at progress. “Evaluate where you are at the end of each week and then each month,” Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones added. “If you see you are having a hard time making something happen, it is time to adjust. Maybe hire a coach or take a class. If you see that you are not able to accomplish the goal the way you have set out, look for the support you need to make it happen.”

In the time since she first dipped her toes in the personal development space, Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones has succeeded in building a solid reputation – one that she aims to cement even more solidly in the years to come. In 2023, this acclaimed speaker is expected to remain in the limelight.


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