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Fierce and Beautiful Wellness Founder Lucie Mitchell on Helping Women Transform Into the Best Version of Themselves

Recent decades have witnessed a general surge in interest in health and wellbeing, a change that could be attributed not only to the increase in awareness of the importance of pursuing a healthier lifestyle but also to advancements in technology that have made information about health and illnesses accessible to the masses. However, while it is always an option to sift through the tons of information available online and see what would best apply, seeking the guidance of authorities remains ideal. Lucie Mitchell, the passion-fueled founder of Fierce and Beautiful Wellness, is one such expert known for maneuvering those under her wing in the direction of improved well-being. 

A Certified Transformational Nutrition and Life Coach, Lucie Mitchell is on a mission to help women who have discovered that they have not been putting themselves first. At the core of her all-out efforts is the desire to guide her clients out of the pitfalls they had fallen into when they started wearing multiple hats.

The extra miles Lucie goes while supporting her clients are rooted in an understanding of the struggles that women have overcome and continue to face. “About three years ago, I put everything into raising four children, neglecting myself in the process,” shared the Fierce and Beautiful Wellness owner. “It was hard to admit I had let myself go, that I put myself on the back burner. I was suffering from depression, anxiety, bloating, low libido, poor digestion, and low self-esteem, to name a few. I couldn’t figure out what the missing link was.”

Like many of those dealing with the same challenges, Lucie turned to overhyped wellness trends that ultimately did not offer any value. “Diet pills, crash diets, fad diets, starvation, a lack of education, and most importantly, feeling like nothing was ever going to work sent my body into an even deeper tailspin,” she recalled. “40 pounds of weight gain, vertigo, numbness of my hands and feet, insomnia, voices in my head, and suicidal thoughts and in the face of it all, my doctors were not listening. My family did not seem to care. I felt alone. There had to be an answer out there!”

This period of Lucie’s life opened her eyes to the various health conditions that may heavily impact people. It also drove home the importance of healthy food and proper nutrition in improving quality of life. Soon after meeting with a nutritional coach, correcting her relationship with food, and finding herself again, the purpose-driven figure then embarked on a journey of helping others learn to love themselves.

Currently, Lucie is steering women toward the correct answers to their weight gain and nutritional problems. Through Fierce and Beautiful Wellness, she connects her clients with health and wellness companies that offer the best products and help them be more aligned with their health and wellness goals. 

In the time since she first began supporting women as they transform into the best version of themselves, Lucie has provided guidance to a long list of clients hoping to turn their lives around. In the years to come, she aims to expand this list and emerge as a go-to mentor and coach to today’s women.


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