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FounderSix’s Role in Empowering Influencers to Become Successful Entrepreneurs

Pieter Wittgen and Oli Goulden are the co-founders of FounderSix, a visionary venture that launched in 2020 to revolutionize the world of brand creation. They have a unique approach to helping influencers turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality, by providing them with the resources and guidance they need. But what motivated Pieter and Oli to start this innovative initiative? How do they make FounderSix stand out from other brand incubators? In a recent interview, they revealed their story and explained the core of their mission.

Q: Why did you launch FounderSix?

Pieter: Right now might be the most exciting time to be an entrepreneur. Product manufacturers have become much more accessible; eCommerce platforms allow you to build a website in a day; and you don’t need to hire a huge team to build a multi-million dollar company. Starting a new company is easy. However, building a successful and sustainable business remains extremely tough.

Oli: Every new brand encounters many obstacles, but they all face a universal problem – no matter how great your product is, no matter how accessible you made it, acquiring customers is hard and expensive. That’s why we love the idea of building brands around people who already have access to millions of followers who could potentially become customers. But more than this, it comes at a time when consumers want more authenticity in the products they buy. They want real, genuine stories from people they respect and admire, and if that can also translate into a product that they need, it’s the perfect storm.

Q: What makes you different from other brand incubators out there that influencers or celebrities could partner with?

Pieter: We offer a comprehensive package for an influencer. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for an influencer to launch their own brand, with very little personal risk, and work towards building a very valuable company extremely quickly. We guide them in identifying their own compelling, authentic brand story, and then they do what they already love – create awesome content, share it with their followers, giving them something they really want and need.

Oli: We take care of literally everything else – we do all the legal setup; we invest what is needed to launch and grow the company; we work with our amazing manufacturing partners around the world, from Italy to Korea, to make world-class products; and we run the whole business behind the scenes, from eCommerce fulfillment to securing retail partners. We have a very strong, experienced team in all the right areas, and together with the talent, we really make the perfect team.

Q: What are the benefits of an influencer launching their own brand vs. just doing brand partnerships that pay immediately?

Oli: Traditional partnerships with brands offer a great short-term paycheck. But the golden goose doesn’t last forever. Launching their own brand not only offers them the opportunity to potentially earn a significantly larger payout after a number of years but will also give them the pride, passion, and joy of owning their own company.

Pieter: Influencers that are more authentic have a much stronger connection with their followers. These are the accounts that continue to grow and retain a high engagement rate. No brand partnership can be as authentic as launching your own brand, one that you pour your heart and soul into.

Q: Why can’t the influencer just launch their company by themselves?

Oli: This is always an option, and for some people, that is a great way to do it. However, most influencers are amazing at creating but not that great at business and commerce. There are so many pitfalls, dead ends, and money drainers out there that what starts out as a fun project can quickly turn into a nightmare. For the vast majority of influencers, partnering with a professional outfit like FounderSix, who has extensive experience across all areas of business, product, marketing, and the rest, will pay back everything in the saving of stress, money, and time spent trying to do it yourself.

FounderSix is a venture that helps influencers create their own brands based on their passion. It was founded in 2020 by Pieter Wittgen and Oli Goulden, who wanted to change the way influencers and brands collaborate. They provide influencers with the resources and guidance they need to launch their own businesses. FounderSix also aims to bring more authenticity to the consumer market by empowering influencers to share their true voice.

About Pieter & Oli

Pieter Wittgen, with a background in investment banking and a knack for practical problem-solving, serves as the numbers guy and deal-maker. His serial entrepreneurial experience has equipped him with the insights needed to scale businesses and bring rigor to every endeavor. Oli Goulden, on the flip side, is the creative visionary and strategist, having worked with multinational brand accounts at Ogilvy advertising agency and held roles as an in-house Head of Marketing and CMO of a venture capital firm portfolio. His unique perspective on scaling brands from scratch is what complements Pieter’s expertise.

Behind the Scenes of FounderSix

Their journey as co-founders began in 2015 when Pieter launched his DTC fashion brand, ‘Grana,’ and sought a Head of Marketing. It was then that they crossed paths, and their partnership bloomed into a love at first sight of collaboration and innovation. Together, they embarked on a mission to empower influencers to not just endorse products but to create and own brands that resonate with authenticity and purpose.

FounderSix’s vision extends beyond immediate paychecks. While traditional brand partnerships offer a quick financial boost, the potential for influencers to own their brand opens doors to a significantly larger, long-term payout. The pride and passion of building one’s brand, combined with the continued growth of accounts that authentically connect with their audience, make this journey more rewarding and fulfilling.

Why Influencers Should Choose FounderSix

FounderSix’s uniqueness lies in its comprehensive approach to incubating influencer brands. It streamlines the entire process, from helping influencers identify their compelling brand story to managing legal setup, investment, manufacturing partnerships, eCommerce fulfillment, and retail collaborations. This holistic approach reduces the personal risk for influencers, allowing them to focus on what they do best: creating remarkable content and sharing it with their dedicated followers.

The crucial role that FounderSix plays becomes apparent when considering the pitfalls and challenges that influencers may face when attempting to launch their companies independently. While some may possess creative genius, venturing into the business and commerce world can be overwhelming, stressful, and financially draining. FounderSix’s professional expertise across various aspects of business, product development, marketing, and more acts as a guiding light for influencers, saving them precious time and resources.



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