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The Story of Body Balance System's Michael Londo
Photo Courtesy: Michael Londo

From Personal Resolve to Global Red Light Therapy Revolution: The Story of Body Balance System’s Michael Londo

By: Victoria Kennedy 

In a world increasingly attuned to the potentials of alternative healing modalities, the narrative of Michael Londo, CEO and Founder of Body Balance System, unfolds to illustrate innovation born from personal challenge.

Londo’s foray into red light therapy emerged not from the sterile confines of a laboratory or a sudden moment of scientific breakthrough, but from a deeply personal crusade to support his daughter. She came into this world facing an overwhelming challenge: A rare condition that robbed her of the instinctual ability to breathe. Determined to improve her quality of life, Londo initially crafted a customized stroller capable of transporting her essential breathing apparatus.

We reached out to Londo following his interview on the Limbic Light Podcast to learn more about her story.

“Yes, she was born without the basic ability to breathe, an essential function for everyone,” he said. “This meant she spent her first six months under hospital care. Facing this was a shock, but we decided to let hope and reflection guide us, rather than being crushed.”

His initial invention, a uniquely designed stroller that accommodated all necessary — read: very heavy! — medical equipment for his daughter demonstrates his ability to rethink conventional designs in favor of more practical, user-centric solutions.

“Taking that first stroller, I made into some doctors’ offices and hospitals and stuff, people in the medical world were, like, freaking out over it. Like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is amazing. You need to make these available to buy!’ Londo said in his Limbic Light interview. 

This initial invention marked the beginning of his journey toward creating more accessible health technologies that actually worked for the people who needed them. Here, we dive further into what makes Londo’s eventual crown jewel, red light therapy products, the absolute best choice for spas, gyms, and wellness centers seeking to provide genuine, quality care for their clients.

Stepping Stones

Londo’s trajectory shifted significantly after meeting someone who, through the use of natural treatments, successfully overcame cancer. Inspired by his new friend’s success and the potential for natural healing methods, Londo set out to improve upon the existing designs of ionic foot baths. His ambition and innovation in this area served as a crucial foundation and stepping stone for his subsequent venture into the field of red light therapy.

With the experience and insights gained from enhancing ionic foot bath technology, Londo was well-equipped to explore and introduce advancements within red light therapy, furthering his commitment to developing unparalleled health and wellness solutions.

From Nurturing One to Empowering All

Londo’s endeavors, grounded in the desire to aid his daughter — now 35 years old, well beyond her original life expectancy — have since blossomed into the establishment of the Body Balance System. His daughter now works for the business. Through this venture, Londo has provided tangible benefits to users across the United States and plans to acquire licenses to sell red light therapy products, such as the Apollo line and Ovation™ bed, to the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe within the coming months.

The Facts: Why You Should Only Trust Body Balance

Body Balance System, under Londo’s guidance, evolved from these humble beginnings into a leading manufacturer of red light therapy beds, notably the Ovation™ ULT Bed. This system is a direct result of his insistence on evidence-based efficacy.

“I refuse to accept the limitations put out by other manufacturers,” he shared. “It matters to me that the people who use our beds actually get the results they’re after. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I was selling something that didn’t do every single thing our website says it does.”

His approach to product development is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of client’s needs. Londo’s critique of the industry’s prevailing designs, which often, at best, prioritize form over function led to the creation of the world’s first red light therapy bed designed explicitly for therapeutic use. This dedication to functionality extends to ensuring the therapeutic dose of light reaches the skin efficiently, a detail often overlooked by competitors.

“We’ve been out testing a lot of our competitors,” Londo said. “And, probably 95% of them are nowhere near what they claim to be as far as their outputs. It’s sad. If you measure a red light diode’s strength before putting the piece of plastic over it, it is necessary for someone to lay down on it; you won’t get the same measurement as when you put the piece of plastic overtop. That’s just not how it works.

“One of the biggest things is the importance of how close that diode is to the skin. We put the meter directly on our diode; we’ll get a reading of 128mW/cm2. But because of our design, we’re able to use a very thin piece of clear plastic, so our reading still stays around 80mW/cm2. Most companies’ readings are closer to between 5mW/cm2 and 20mW/cm2 with the plastic overtop, but they put the higher, pre-plastic measurement on their website.”

Extra Perks

Moreover, the inclusion of vibrational massage in Body Balance System’s beds exemplifies Londo’s holistic view of therapy, integrating multiple features to enhance client experience and therapeutic outcomes. This innovation not only amplifies the benefits of red light therapy but also addresses clients’ desires for a pleasant and rejuvenating experience.

“Our bed is the only bed that utilizes a zero gravity design,” Londo shared. “And we have frequency massage. It is kind of a multi-purpose tool in that the bed creates an incredible experience, rather than just ‘enduring’ in a clamshell similar to a tanning bed. The vibrational frequency and intensity is a very pleasant experience. Also, we created the bed in a way that does not cause claustrophobia, a complaint we’ve heard many times from traditional red light therapy bed users.”

His journey from devoted father to pioneer in the field of red light therapy underscores a narrative of relentless innovation driven by personal challenges. Body Balance System’s success, highlighted by its reputation for quality and true efficacy, reflects Londo’s unwavering commitment to improving lives through technology.

In short, dire circumstances led Londo down an unanticipated path, transforming him from a concerned dad to a scientific innovator and entrepreneur. His quest is marked by resilience and a refusal to accept the limitations presented by the status quo. When faced with the daunting reality of his daughter’s condition, he channeled his frustration with the inadequacy of available medical equipment into a creative outlet. And the red light therapy industry offerings are all the better for it.

About Micheal Londo

Micheal Londo, founder and CEO, started Body Balance System to help his daughter, who was born with a rare disorder, and he found a need in the health industry. Today, the company is proud to present the OvationULT bed as one of the most effective red-light beds in the industry and the ONLY bed designed for red-light therapy. 

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