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From Victim to Victor: Turning Cyberbullying Trials into Triumph
Photo Credited To: Khuraman Armstrong

From Victim to Victor: Turning Cyberbullying Trials into Triumph

In today’s rapidly evolving digital era, online harassment has emerged into a despicable reality, with cyberbullies lurking menacingly in the shadows of social media platforms. In the midst of this dark side of digitization, one woman’s experience became a catalyst for change, and her story emerged as a beacon of hope for countless others. The story of Khuraman Armstrong, as revealed in her insightful book, “Trolled – From Victim to Victor,” unveils her arduous journey from being an innocent victim of relentless cyberbullying to a resilient entrepreneur, who emerges victorious through her unwavering  passion and resolute legal battle.

Born in Azerbaijan, but living in Australian since 2005, Armstrong developed an impressive blend of entrepreneurial spirit and cultural appreciation, leading to the successful establishment of her business, Enjoy Dark Chocolate. 2020, however, presented an unexpected challenge when she became the target of an onslaught of online trolls. Their mission was to tarnish her personal and professional reputation, causing emotional distress and potential business downfall. Determined to hold her tormenters accountable, Armstrong embarked on a difficult and expensive three-year-long defamation court battle, eventually emerging victorious.

Yet, it was not the victory that motivated Armstrong; it was the awareness of the pervasive plague of online harassment. Deciding to turn her painful experience into a resource, Armstrong wrote “Trolled – From Victim to Victor.” Centered around key themes like cyberbullying insight, strategies for resilience, and advocacy for a safer online environment, the book provides invaluable guidance to victims of online harassment, entrepreneurs, legal professionals, and general readers alike. The book encourages resilience, renewed hope, and empowerment despite mental trauma from such life-altering experiences.

Armstrong’s journey is a testament to personal strength, highlighting how one can triumphantly turn adversity into positivity. Reflecting on her tumultuous journey, Armstrong stated, “It threw me into many dark situations, but through the unfolding process, I felt a deep sense of duty to share my experiences, thereby providing support and guidance to others facing similar trials. My mission became clear: to contribute to creating a safer online world for users globally.”

Determined to transform her torment into a tool for social change, Armstrong’s book not only helps victims navigate the complexities of online harassment but also instrumentally calls for regulatory intervention and changes in the legal system. She emphasized, “I hope my book highlights the true impact trolling has on its victims, urging users to rethink before posting harmful content.”

Her courageous narrative serves as a powerful illustration of her resilience, and a source of inspiration, particularly for individuals facing similar adversities. Armstrong’s experience underlines the necessity of stricter and faster legal actions against malicious online harassment, an infamy claiming tens of millions of victims each year, as per the alarming official statistics shared in her book. Her mission now becomes clear – to advocate for a safer digital environment, striving to convert other victims into victors.

Drawing from her diverse cultural upbringing, Armstrong’s culinary pursuits became unexpectedly controversial grounds for cyberbullying. Unfazed, she transformed her plight into a powerful narrative, showcasing that even innocuous passions can become challenging encounters.

Taking her experience to the wider public through her book, Armstrong demonstrates an inspirational  approach to resilience and staying true to oneself, much like the profound lessons she had inherited from classic novels like “Jane Eyre” during her teenage years.

By sharing her experiences, Armstrong not only provides indispensable guidance to other victims but also passionately strives to bring systemic changes within the legal and social media framework. Her determination to combat the rising tide of cyberbullying serves as an inspiring testament to her strength, underlining her firm belief that “leadership is within all of us – we just require the right motivation to apply it.”

Armstrong’s book serves as a candid narrative and a practical guide, empowering victims of cyberbullying, and paves the way for much-needed legal and societal reforms. By turning her ordeal into an opportunity, she asserts, we all have the power to become victors, creating our own  positivity amidst adversity. Get a copy of Armstrong’s book at or on Amazon.


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