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Gregory Shepard Extends His Hand to Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs Through BOSS Startup Science

The prospect of becoming one’s own boss can be very enticing, especially with the promise of generating financial freedom. However, most people who delve into entrepreneurship often find themselves struggling in the early days of their new careers. Even when they finally start to pick up their pace, they may find themselves falling into holes they overlooked. To minimize or avoid such struggles altogether, aspiring entrepreneurs can seek out advice from seasoned veterans. Gregory Shepard is an exemplary individual whose illustrious career has helped establish him as one of the most promising mentors in the field. Gregory is responsible for the establishment of BOSS Startup Science, which has played a role in the careers of many.

Gregory is a startup veteran and serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience under his belt. He is responsible for 14 liquidity events in BioTech, TransiTech, AdTech, and MarTech industries, two of which were part of a $925 million transaction that won four private equity awards for transactions between $250 million to $1 billion. Gregory is also a ForbesBooks podcast host, lending his knowledge to provide over a hundred articles that were published in 25 national and international publications like Fortune, Entrepreneur, and US News & World Report.

Apart from a successful tenure as an entrepreneur and author, Gregory is also a TEDx speaker and keynote speaker for universities, associations, and conferences worldwide. Additionally, he is the host of a Forbes Radio Show, featuring as a guest in over 25 popular podcasts along with numerous network TV and radio shows.

With many years of experience in the field, Greg decided to take his knowledge to a new platform, creating a global syndicate for investing in tech startups worldwide called BOSS Capital Partners. BOSS (Business Operating Support System) is a methodology developed to empower entrepreneurs while increasing startup success rate. 

BOSS has become one of the most valuable, proven-and-tested business methods on the market to grow and scale a business. Gregory’s vision is to change the culture of angel investing deal-making to be viewed as more than just a business transaction. 

The firm was established to help early-stage founders avoid common mistakes by improving their understanding of how to start, grow, and scale with minimized risk. Gregory would later take his brand even further by co-founding Boss Startup Science.

“I am motivated by the concept of being able to change income and wealth inequality through entrepreneurship and poor people that are living check to check into a different category of wealth,” explained Gregory.

Although he has accumulated such success, Gregory has not lost sight of where he came from. Whereas others had the opportunity to grow from a secure place, the seasoned entrepreneur grew up without much. His background allowed him to see how people from various walks of life interact. Early in his career, Gregory worked multiple jobs, working nights as a security guard, delivering papers, and waiting tables.

Since then, Gregory Shepard has become a significant figure in the industry. He has been using his platform to help other startups to not only succeed but to also thrive. Gregory hopes to continue his work in the years to come through his various platforms. Learn more about Gregory Shepard and BOSS Startup Science by visiting his official website.


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