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Bringing It Home: The Best Solution For Hair Loss, Delivered to Your Door

December 29, 2022

With the multitude of hair loss treatments on the market, it’s sometimes hard to know where to turn. For those who aren’t yet ready to venture to a physician’s office, KeraFactor™ has developed an ideal at-home treatment which is unique for many reasons. It’s a direct solution, and not a supplement. It can be used to augment other products and treatments, so there’s no need to stop using something else in order to integrate it into your routine. With complete ownership and full control of the entire process from inception to encapsulation, KeraFactor™ uses biomimetic growth factors as catalysts to stimulate the scalp. The newest technology from SkinQRI is KeraFactor™ Treatment Solution with Nanofluorosomes™ which includes seven growth factors.

This at-home solution is the first to include Nanofluorosomes™. The encapsulation technology is as distinctive as the formula itself. The carefully curated proteins and growth factors include a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-androgenic compound. Each growth factor is wrapped in its own nanoliposomes, providing optimal absorption by the scalp to repair its health. The nanofluorosomes are naturally fluorescent, giving the new formula a special yellowish glow.

This new formula is now available in a premier collection of KeraFactor™ scalp-stimulating products: the unique KeraFactor™ Solution, as well as Shampoo and Conditioner, and a KeraFactor™ Wet & Dry Brush that can be used daily to massage the products into the scalp.

With this line of products which work preventively as well as restoratively, treatment can commence before hair loss even becomes an issue, bearing in mind the distinct stages of hair growth. With the advent of the pandemic, and the subsequent stress-related hair loss, many made the decision to purchase KeraFactor™ for at-home use. With no known side effects, people knew they could feel safe and comfortable using it at home every day.

The story of KeraFactor™ began nearly a decade ago, when James Bartholomeusz, an expert in laser development for aesthetic technologies, began to experience scalp health issues, which led to his own hair loss. Having turned to his long-time friend and colleague Dr. Amy Forman Taub, a leading dermatologist, they merged their talents to find a new solution that focused on scalp health as much as it did on hair rejuvenation, resulting in the creation of KeraFactor™.

Explaining the science behind KeraFactor™, James compares a healthy scalp to a well-manicured lawn. Many of the currently available products on the market address the cause of hair loss, but they don’t do enough to encourage the rejuvenation and growth of new hair. James likens this to weeding the lawn, without remembering to fertilize the grass; staying with the idea that a healthy lawn requires fertilizer,  a healthy scalp needs KeraFactor™, which is analogous to ‘fertilizer’ for hair.

This common-sense methodology has resulted in strong success for users of the KeraFactor™ solution, with noticeable results, such as higher hair counts and increased thickness, fullness, and strength. Using the products as a preventative measure, hair loss can be stopped cold, rather than waiting until after it’s already gone!

With an ever-increasing demand for KeraFactor™ products, there are long-range plans for expansion, with an emphasis on helping clients to achieve their best scalp health as they make their journey towards hair rejuvenation, without ever having to leave their home.



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