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How Bronze Beauty Luhanna Mostajo Built a Career as a Professional Model and Social Media Influencer

The epoch of technology has paved the way for platforms that can allow the next generation to pursue various careers. From entrepreneurship with online brands to entertainment as influencers. For Luhanna Mostajo, growing up with the innovation of technology has given her the opportunity to take advantage of online platforms to pursue a career as a model. Today, she is one of the most popular influencers on Instagram with a following of over 335k.

Born in Lima, Peru, Luhanna Mostajo and her family would migrate to Miami, Florida, when she was three years old. Growing up in the west, she would watch as technology evolved, giving everyone around her platforms where they could showcase their talent and beauty. The exposure sparked a desire in her to strive for a similar career. By 2013, Luhanna would begin her journey.

Already blessed with an unparalleled beauty, the young model and influencer started uploading her photos on the app and quickly gained a strong following. With various photos and videos that showcases her alluring beauty, it would only be a matter of time before she started receiving offers to modeling gigs. 

“I’ve always wanted to be on my own schedule and wanted to make money remotely,” she explained. “Being able to build my personal brand and image was the way I found to make that possible for myself. I have seen people with large personal brands be able to make money online, travel, and truly live a financially free lifestyle, which inspired me. It’s rewarding to be able to inspire so many others to do the same.”

Eventually, the young Instagram model would leave Florida to build her career as a professional model. In a span of over a year, her following grew from 6,000 to more than 335k. As a model, she would appear for brands like Fashion Nova, Missy Empire, Dolls Kill, and Parade, to name a few. Renowned for her beautiful face, bronze hair, and hazel eyes, Luhanna’s platform started to grow. 

After building a strong portfolio as a professional model, Luhanna Mostajo decided to branch out and delve into a new career as a social media influencer. With various types of influencers in the industry today, she found her niche as a lifestyle influencer. More than just beauty, Luhanna’s physique and body shape has been a strong asset in her endeavors, featuring for several fashion brands. 

While most social media influencers only strive to succeed in their platform, Luhanna started to think ahead. Even as she stood in front of the camera, the model-turned-influencer took an interest in the brands she posed for, wanting to learn the ropes of how they turned their concept into reality. As Luhanna entertained her fascination, she found herself drawn to a future career as an entrepreneur. 

Although she has built a strong career as a model and social media influencer, Luhanna Mostajo strives to expand even further by delving into entrepreneurship. She has grown particularly fond of real estate and said, “I see myself building more streams of revenue, getting myself into real estate and getting rental properties.”

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