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How Distinguished Photographer Mario Amean Earned His Reputation as “The Doctor of Photography”

While many may not realize it, photographs have become an important part of everyday life. And whether they are candid or posed shots, pictures not only tell a story but, most importantly, they immortalize memories and capture important moments. This is especially true nowadays with the advent of smartphones that come with decent cameras. However, nothing beats the quality and story behind snapshots taken by professionals such as Mario Amean. After all, the expert shutterbug possesses a keen attention to detail and an eye for beauty, allowing him to deliver stunning results.

Based in NYC, the gifted young man was exposed to the photography industry at an early age as he comes from a family of photographers, including his father and three siblings. Looking back on his journey, he shared, “My family was originally from Egypt, and my dad used to own many studios in Egypt for professional photography work. I started to work with him at the studio at the age of 10 years old.”

Over the years, Mario consistently honed his skills and perfected his craft. But more than his undeniable mastery in photography, what clients love most about the inspiring individual is his pleasant and easy-going demeanor. In fact, he is known in New York for being a breath of fresh air and providing customers with fun and memorable photoshoot experiences. 

He also puts his expertise to great use by teaching photography classes to people who want to learn and become professional photographers. On top of that, he built the Klik Photography app alongside his younger brothers, Edwar Amean and Mody Amean. “We decided to create this app to let our clients have an easy, great, and fun experience when they book us for their photo shoot,” he proudly shared. 

As a testament to his immense success, the visionary has gained a massive following on social media, including an impressive community of 2.4 million people on Instagram.

Because of his unrivaled prowess, the outstanding photographer is candidly referred to by many as “The Doctor” for his exceptional editing and Photoshop skills that brings out and enhances the natural beauty of each subject. The title also serves as a fitting moniker for the dedicated individual who is currently studying to become a medical doctor, another one of his passions.

When asked what inspires him to continue pursuing excellence in his craft, the insightful young man candidly responded, “The good work and the feedback that I get from my clients make me very happy, and it motivates me to work harder to always improve my work and keep providing them with the best quality of work and experience possible.”

Moving forward, Mario Amean plans to continue scaling his success and solidify his reputation as an industry authority in photography. Moreover, the determined individual remains steadfast in his goal of becoming a doctor and helping make a difference in the lives of others. Generously sharing his goals for the future, he explained, “I love art, and I would love to apply all the experience that I have to my future career, which is a doctor.”



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