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How MORE Founder and Director Luan Sebba Aims to Change the Game in the Fitness Industry

Building a business is hard for any entrepreneur, even those who have been at it for years. But there’s truly no challenge unsolvable with a good business coach, and Luan Sebba, founder and director of MORE Companies, is leading the game. 

Luan is the brainchild behind M·Teams and the M·Method™, making him a trailblazer in helping aspiring entrepreneurs build sustainable and profitable businesses by equipping them with the best practices to scale their ventures and identify the best opportunities for improvement. Regardless of whether their client has been an entrepreneur for decades or is at the dawn of his journey, Luan is ready to formulate a game plan that would take them to the forefront of their industry. 

MORE provides world-class products and services that drive people to reach success by amplifying their strengths. The company was built to raise a new generation of empowered entrepreneurs, specifically in the fitness industry. Luan and his team are dedicated to helping gym owners improve profit, quality, and efficiency. 

“Beyond just improving systems, building teams, creating formulas to make the business profitable, MORE Teams will also create a community, improve visuals, and create an identity that will separate your gym from others,” said Luan. “MORE is a Method, a lifestyle, a way of seeing things differently. The motivation behind the brand is to make the fitness industry for everyone. The opportunity of helping as many people as possible to have a better quality of life. By changing the gyms and trainers, we are also changing the entire community,” he added. 

Luan’s coaching covers many areas, including designing a business model, conducting a SWOT analysis, determining what success looks like for his clients and setting measurements for their progress, lead generation, and reporting. Luan is also an expert in brand construction and ensuring that they stand out even in the most saturated market. “Your brand is what others say about you when you’re not in the room,” he said. Knowing this from his own experiences, Luan aims to help his clients refine their brand assets to make the maximum impact on their target market and make as much noise as possible. 

“For the past ten years, I have dedicated my life to managing and building a set of businesses that embody my work ethic, unwavering desire for improvement and the development of others also looking to succeed. Spanning all aspects of functional training, from the competition, brick and mortar gym, online programming, merchandise, education, team building, and brand partnerships,” said the visionary. “I have undoubtedly seen success from my business ventures but have also faced my fair share of setbacks,” he added. A decade into building his empire, Luan is now changing countless lives as a coach, athlete, business owner, and MORE mentor. Best of all, he is strengthening a legacy by helping others build their own legacies as entrepreneurs. 

MORE has recently sealed a groundbreaking deal with South Florida-based L.o.L Hospitality Group to broaden its scope of services and take its method to as many businesses as possible, marking the company’s next step in fulfilling its vision to become a household name. In fact, MORE recently inked a new deal with CrossFit Pompano Beach to overhaul their member retention programming, partnering with L.o.L Hospitality to build a coffee and retail station and ensure members have a more holistic experience than at a traditional gym. 

Luan sees MORE impacting many gyms and communities across the country over the next five years. “The MORE method will definitely be known for changing the game,” he said.


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