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Ilgar Hajiyev: From Aliyev to Sobyanin…

The history of Ilgar Hajiyev, a successful businessman and developer from Azerbaijan, who has become a Russian citizen in recent years and has worked in Moscow, is rapidly becoming the biggest scandal in the capital of the year. This is due to the video released this fall on YouTube. A small background of events.

Ilgar started his business at home, it turned out well: he built many different residential and commercial facilities, roads. Any successful project in every post-Soviet country comes to the attention of the authorities.

In 2008, his company was valued at $4 billion. He had to “voluntarily” share the business: to give 51% to the holding of the wife of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and 24% to the company of the family of the country’s prosecutor general. At the same time, about $ 100 million was transferred to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev through the head of the security service.

So in 2011, having robbed the entrepreneur of the “thread”, Hajiyev was allowed to leave the country and he and his family moved to Moscow, hoping that in mother – Russia will be fair. He decided to invest all my money in the construction business in Moscow.

Corruption in the states, the former republics of the Soviet Union, is a ubiquitous and obligatory phenomenon! What is only fraternal Ukraine. And in Central Asia and Transcaucasia, it always bloomed with bright colors. It would be amazing not to see this Russia, because the country has gone through the terrible nineties—wild capitalism, or rather, banditry in all spheres of life and power. The twenty-first century: high technologies, hypersound, digitalization of the economy—it would seem that they have reached the level of European civilization, but no! People who are “at the helm” still believe that they owe everything: from a simple hard worker at a construction site to a businessman who manages this construction site and invests his own money in it.

So, about the misadventures of the entrepreneur Hajiyev, now in Moscow. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov, as smart and far-sighted politicians and leaders, have their own representatives in the business sphere of the capital, through whom they solve the issues of feeding themselves loved ones, friends and their numerous relatives. God Nisanov (owner of the Kievskaya Ploschad GC and the capital’s covered markets – Sadovod, Evropeyskiy) is the instrument that directs cash flows in the right direction – the pockets of high-ranking officials in the capital. Nisanov presented Ilgar Hajiyev with a fact: pay 12% of all cash receipts or simply be financially and physically destroyed. This figure included 6% of Sobyanin’s and the same amount “stuck” to the intermediary himself, this is billions of rubles. Then, through a raider takeover, Hajiyev’s shares in joint development projects with God Nisanov were squeezed out. At the same time, the law enforcement agencies did not defend the injured businessman, who wrote statements to the police and even wrote an open letter to President Putin asking him to sort it out. On the contrary, criminal cases were fabricated against him for the purpose of pressure! Who contributed to this? That’s right, the one who runs the territory.

Based on the information from Ilgar Hajiyev, the criminal scheme of enrichment of Russian officials on a colossal scale is clearly traced, which is the same both in Azerbaijan and in Russia. The participation of the well-known journalist Vladimir Solovyov in the persecution of Hajiyev after appealing to law enforcement agencies and to President Putin, causes separate emotions—shock! In his radio broadcasts, Soloviev, with his usual sick sophistication, invented a non-existent story about the financing of Hajiyev by Mikhail Khodorkovsky—a typical nonsense performed in public. According to some reports, Solovyov is in the service of Nisanov for which he receives a lot of money.

This is not the only story, people are simply silent about the majority, not everyone will have the courage to oppose the criminal system that has developed over the thirty-year history of the country in which we have to live and work.

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