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Innovative Senior Care Consultants on Providing Senior Healthcare Solutions

Growing older among loved ones is a thing of immense joy, and older members of the family often need a place where they can safely socialize and make friends with members of the same community within the same age range. However, despite the growing aging population, the senior healthcare industry remains underdeveloped due to a lack of knowledge and the necessary financial knowledge. To change the narrative, the Innovative Senior Care Consultants is coaching others to provide quality service and run a profitable venture.

Established in 2007, Innovative Senior Care Solutions is an award-winning senior health care provider based in Georgia. The company provides innovative solutions to help older members of the communities and their families live a healthy and fulfilling life. The health care facility was founded by sisters Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright, two lifelong Georgia residents and registered nurses who saw a need in the industry after caring for their grandmother. The duo are both registered nurses and have over 25 years of healthcare experience combined and have worked in every role of nursing including nursing for caregivers, Licensed Practical Nursing supervising (LPN), Assistant Directors of Nursing (ADON), Director of Nursing (DON) and consulting for nursing homes. 

With their skills, experience, and passion for healthcare, the Wright sisters scaled their company to become a top provider for home care services that adhere to high standards from both a medical and personal perspective. In 2008, their company became the first licensed home care provider in Sumter County, Georgia, and became the first licensed Medicaid provider.

In 2016, Innovative Senior Solutions participated in the Georgia Mentor-Protege Program. In the course of the program, the company received business and leadership coaching from a Fortune 500 company. Under the guidance of the more established mentor company, Innovative Senior Solutions evolved into Innovative Senior Care consultants, focusing on innovative forms of care for aging citizens. Eshonda and Jessica also attended TUCK School of Business at Dartmouth which was pivotal in the expansion of their mindset. The pair participated in the program’s 2018 session “Building a High Performing Minority Business” and its 2019 session “Growing the Business to Scale.”

The Innovative Senior Care consultants take a different approach to providing adult care through adult day care services and personal care homes. The company also offers mentorship and consultation services to entrepreneurs who want to take an interest in and tap into the senior healthcare business.

“We coach, consult and teach motivated healthcare and real estate professionals how to tap into the lucrative senior care industry to support families in need while building a legacy and stimulating the local business economy through hiring. As we have built and sold one company in the senior care space, we are establishing ourselves as the one-stop shop for all things healthcare and senior care business for those who desire to leverage the growth of the industry,” they said.

The Innovative Senior Care Consultants aims to ensure that the aging population gets adequate care and help other entrepreneurs gain knowledge of the industry, and set them on the right path to financial freedom by providing quality services in the senior health care industry. “We hope to show entrepreneurs how to finance their ventures as well as provide the knowledge they need to start, provide quality service, and be profitable.” In the coming years, Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright aim to set the blueprint for providing innovative care for older community members.To learn more about the Innovative Senior Care Consultants and their innovative ways of providing senior health care, visit their website.

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