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Integrity-Driven Impact: How Award Winning CEO Linda Hafstad is Reshaping the Marketing Landscape
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Integrity-Driven Impact: How Award Winning CEO Linda Hafstad is Reshaping the Marketing Landscape

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, authenticity is often overshadowed by flashy campaigns and empty promises. Enter Linda Hafstad, a dynamic force and visionary leader who has transcended the norm. As an award-winning brand strategist and CEO, Linda is on a mission to transform the marketing industry by championing genuine connections and ethical practices. Her message is a powerful clarion call, challenging the marketing world to “Cut The Crap” and “Get Real.”

Leading with Authority

Linda Hafstad, at the young age of 20, is already a distinguished authority in the marketing world. Her journey began with skepticism, as she observed the marketing industry’s unfortunate reputation for deceptive practices. But rather than succumbing to the status quo, Linda was driven by a higher purpose. She founded Ekte Media, a company deeply rooted in authenticity. “Ekte,” meaning “real” in Norwegian, embodies Linda’s vision to reshape the marketing landscape, making it a place where only the most authentic and purpose-driven brands thrive.

Revolutionizing the Industry

Linda’s approach is a breath of fresh air in an industry plagued by false promises. Her aim is to redefine success for brands by inspiring them to come from a genuine place. Ekte Media’s expert team, with Linda at the helm, understands the power of community in achieving success for brands. They approach brand development comprehensively, from identity and website design to marketing strategy and execution, all with an unwavering commitment to authenticity. This innovative approach not only ensures that brands with products that ‘walk the talk’ and resonate with a higher purpose find a home with Ekte Media but also focuses on market sustainability. Linda’s strategies empower brands to not only thrive but to outlast competitors in their respective markets, creating a lasting impact that transcends mere profitability.

Accolades Speak Louder

Linda’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. She was the recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Leadership Award at the Marketing 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas earlier this year. This award acknowledges her innovative strategies, dedication to authenticity, and tireless commitment to community building. Furthermore, her nomination for the esteemed Female CEO of the Year Awards 2023 solidifies her influence as a powerful figure in the business world.

Empowering Brands, Empowering Dreams

Linda’s impact extends beyond accolades and awards. Through Ekte Media, she has propelled brands to new heights, facilitating over 1 million in organic social media growth for her clients. Her expertise has driven the rebrands, website redesigns, and merchandise lines of influential figures like Drew Lynch and Ben Brainard. Her TikTok following of nearly 20,000 is a testament to the authenticity she brings to her journey as a young entrepreneur.

Integrity-Driven Impact: How Award Winning CEO Linda Hafstad is Reshaping the Marketing Landscape
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A Vision for a Trustworthy Future

Linda’s goal transcends Ekte Media; it’s a mission that flows from the depths of her heart. Ekte is more than a company; it’s a movement. Her vision is to establish Ekte Media as the gold standard of trustworthiness in the industry. With her dedication to authenticity and ethics, Linda aims to provide consumers with a mark of approval they can wholeheartedly rely on. She is a powerful advocate for the value-centered approach, breaking barriers through strategic innovation, and leaving an indelible mark on the marketing industry.

In a world of marketing muddled with dishonesty and deceit, Linda Hafstad stands as an authority figure who says, “Enough is Enough.” Linda challenges the industry to “Cut The Crap” and “Get Real.” Through Ekte Media, she is spearheading a transformation that will redefine the future of marketing, making authenticity not just a value but a competitive advantage.


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