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Is This The Perfect Drinking Water? PULSE+ Water: Revolutionizing Hydration with Pristine Water and Sustainability Commitments
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Is This The Perfect Drinking Water? PULSE+ Water: Revolutionizing Hydration with Pristine Water and Sustainability Commitments

Our search for the perfect drinking water may be over. PULSE+ Water, an innovative water brand, is setting a new benchmark for quality and sustainability in the bottled water industry. With its exceptionally natural spring water, diverse health-enhancing products, and commitment to environmentally friendly practices, PULSE+ Water is poised to revolutionize the way we hydrate.

Low TDS Count – and why it matters

The Total Dissolvable Solids(TDS) score of water signifies the level of impurities it carries, with a lower score indicating higher purity. Usually, a low score is only achievable through the process of purification (hence, purified or distilled water options). While this technically creates a purer drinking experience, it also removes the natural flavor and health benefits of drinking natural spring water. This score encapsulates potential contaminants including bacteria, heavy metals, and more. It’s good to get many of these contaminants removed, but traditional purification processes tend to “throw the baby out with the bath water.This is where PULSE+ Water is set apart. PULSE+ Water proudly highlights its naturally low PBS count, marking it as a top contender for the title of ‘perfect drinking water.’

Straight from Nature’s Heart

PULSE+ Water taps into the power of nature by sourcing water directly from a spring situated in Pennsylvania. As previously mentioned, this spring water naturally possesses a low TDS count, symbolizing its high level of purity. But PULSE+ Water takes it one step further. According to their CEO, they have invested a substantial amount of resources to build a processing site directly at the spring source – enabling the freshest water to be bottled in their eco-friendly 100% PET bottles, every single time. 

Tailored Hydration Choices

Water is just the beginning of any hydration process. Understanding that each individual has unique health needs, PULSE+ Water offers an array of enhanced waters to meet the needs of anyone ranging from the stay-at-home parent to the hard-working professional, and yes, athletes are welcome as well. As PULSE+ Water puts it, they have a hydration solution for every lifestyle and health requirement. Here’s a list of some of their offering:

Alkaline Water: Aiming to balance your body’s pH levels and neutralize acidity.

Chlorophyll Water: Infused with chlorophyll, known for its detoxifying properties and potential benefits to skin health.

Electrolyte Water: Replenishing essential minerals that are often lost during physical activities.

Fiber Water: Specially formulated to foster a healthy digestive system.

It’s important to note that PULSE+ Water does not sell water additives. To further encourage a healthy lifestyle and make hydration more convenient – PULSE+ Water offers all of their water enhancements at the source. All you have to do is order your preferred kind. 

A Pledge for a Greener Future

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, PULSE+ Water is stepping up with a commitment to sustainability. It is vigorously exploring alternatives to traditional packaging, with options like aluminum and glass, aiming to reduce its carbon footprint.

Poised for a Global Splash

With its blend of pristine water quality, diverse health-focused options, and strong sustainability goals, PULSE+ Water is all set to make waves across the globe. It is not just aspiring to be a leading water brand in the United States but aims to redefine hydration standards worldwide.

To sum it up, PULSE+ Water is more than just a water brand; it is a promise of health, quality, and eco-consciousness in the bottled water landscape. It seeks to quench your thirst, replenish your body, and care for the planet, one bottle at a time. Could this be the perfect drinking water? You decide.

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