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M. Teresa Lawrence
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Journey to Empowerment: M. Teresa Lawrence’s Visionary Retreat Unlocks Potential and Adventure

By: Lucas Delvasto

Nestled within the verdant embrace of Costa Rica, a transformative experience awaits, curated by the visionary M. Teresa Lawrence. From February 19-25, The Butterfly Transformation Retreat invites individuals to step into a world where empowerment and adventure converge, fostering deep connections and insights. As Lawrence, the President and Creative Visionary behind The Trueness Project, eloquently states, “This retreat is an opportunity to bring together change-makers from diverse backgrounds for a week of growth, reflection, and action.”

Teresa’s journey from a Cuban refugee to an accomplished attorney, publisher, educator, and entrepreneur in western Wyoming is a testament to her unwavering spirit and dedication. With an educational background from Amherst College and Columbia Law School, Lawrence has spent over two decades nurturing businesses and community initiatives. Her life’s narrative is interwoven with a deep commitment to empowering others to master their destinies.

The upcoming Butterfly Transformation Retreat is an immersive experience designed to awaken the inner leader within each participant. Attendees can expect a tapestry of activities that blend relaxation with rejuvenation. The itinerary boasts mastermind sessions where individuals can dive deep into strategic planning for personal and global change alongside cultural immersion that allows one to experience the rich tapestry of local traditions.

Adventure is at the heart of this retreat, with activities like zip lining and excursions to breathtaking local destinations. These experiences are not just for a thrill but to symbolize the journey of breaking free from limitations and soaring toward one’s potential. Attendees will also have the chance to engage in intimate coaching sessions, dedicated reflecting time, and the unique opportunity to write an entire chapter in their upcoming bestselling book, The Grand Butterfly Gathering: Standing for a Transformed World.

The retreat also promises interaction with renowned speakers and presentations from The Trueness Project’s international partners, offering a global perspective on empowerment and change. Plus, the gourmet meals and world-class luxury accommodations ensure that every moment spent is in comfort and style, allowing participants to focus entirely on their transformative journey.

Suppose you consider yourself a creative visionary seeking fun and fulfillment while making the world better. In that case, this retreat is for you! Teresa and her team understand the importance of community, gratitude, and committed action. Inviting and uniting everyone from parents, leaders, and dreamers, this retreat is a unique opportunity to relax, connect with like-minded people, and instill a legacy of positive change.

As Lawrence puts it, “Thoughts have power, and when we combine our powerful thoughts with committed action, we can accomplish anything.” This retreat is a manifestation of that belief. In this space, playful adventure and serious strategy meet to unlock the true leader within.

In the spirit of Lawrence’s philosophy of “The Leadership of Play,” the retreat is more than an escape; it’s an invitation to engage with life more fully to embrace the creative spirit of adventure and play. It’s an opportunity not just to dream of a better world but to co-create and take action towards creating it.

As participants leave the retreat, they carry memories of Costa Rica’s beauty, a renewed sense of purpose, and a deeper understanding of their ability to effect change. With M. Teresa Lawrence as a guide, the journey to empowerment and visionary change becomes more than just a possibility but a vibrant, unfolding reality.

To sign up for Teresa’s Butterfly Transformation Retreat, you can visit their website here


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