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Kumar Vijayendra Releases The Sustainable Entrepreneur

By: Kumar Vijayendra

“All of us have one thing in common – our deep-seated desire to improve the lives of those around us that we feel responsible for. The key factor here is who we think we are responsible for. Remember that your impact is also going to be limited to them as well. If you have a sense of stewardship toward the customers you serve, you will make great products. You will naturally be a great employer if you also have a sense of stewardship towards your employees. If you have that sensitivity toward the planet, you will care for the planet Earth. There is a powerful Sanskrit phrase – ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, meaning the whole world is a family. A person or a business that has this concept entrenched is on its way to changing the world.”

This quote is from The Sustainable Entrepreneur, the new book released by Kumar Vijayendra, a pioneering figure in operational excellence and sustainable business strategies. He has a particular focus on small businesses and his passion for sustainability has been a driving force throughout his illustrious career, spanning almost two decades. During this time, he has managed and transformed business operations for a variety of organizations across the globe. Vijayendra launched his professional journey in India with an entrepreneurial venture offering one-stop financial solutions for small businesses. This experience, combined with his subsequent roles in business transformation and government reform consulting, shaped his unique insight into the role small businesses play in the global sustainability movement.

Kumar Vijayendra

Over the years, Vijayendra has become a vocal advocate for the incorporation of sustainability into small business practices. He has consistently highlighted the significant contribution these businesses make to global emissions, as well as the potential impact they could have in mitigating these emissions through sustainable operations. Recognizing the barriers that deter small businesses from embracing sustainability, Vijayendra provides practical solutions and guidance to help them integrate the principles of sustainability into their day-to-day operations. He underscores the ‘Four Ps’ of business sustainability: People, Planet, Purpose, and Profitability, as the essential metric for sustainable decision making.

“The idea for The Sustainable Entrepreneur was spurred by a passion for sustainability that hit me as I worked on my MBA,” Vijayendra shares. “I was sitting in a class on Business Sustainability Strategies, and I saw that despite all the talk about sustainability, there is a huge gap in adoption. I saw that the Sustainability of Sustainability as a shared goal lies in all of us coming together and working towards it. My experience with small businesses showed me that the problems in full blown adoption of Sustainability strategy is much aggravated in small businesses.”

Compelled by these observations and his longing to invoke a change that resonates with everyone, Vijayendra embarked on a journey to pen The Sustainable Entrepreneur. This endeavor allowed him to bridge the existing gaps in understanding and adoption of sustainability practices, particularly in small businesses, ultimately fostering a significant, inclusive impact.

“This book needed to happen,” Vijayendra explains, “because the conversation around sustainability has primarily centered on large corporations. There is a need to shift this focus and spotlight small businesses, which remain largely untapped in their potential to drive sustainable practices. The Sustainable Entrepreneur is my attempt to bring this conversation to the table, offering an accessible, practical guide to infusing sustainability into the DNA of small businesses.”

He continues, “Furthermore, there exists a misconception that sustainability practices are complex and expensive, thereby deterring small businesses from embracing them. By demystifying these misconceptions, this book aims to illustrate that sustainability can be both simple and cost-effective, all while serving as a competitive advantage in the modern business landscape. The Sustainable Entrepreneur is, therefore, a handbook for small businesses to transition into being sustainable, profitable entities while contributing positively to our shared environment.”

Through The Sustainable Entrepreneur, Vijayendra hopes to inspire small businesses worldwide to take proactive steps towards sustainability, emphasizing that this is not just a matter of environmental responsibility, but also a pathway to financial success and longevity in an increasingly conscious consumer market. Vijayendra’s work continues to inspire and empower small businesses to participate actively in the global sustainability initiative.

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