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Latigo Music Group Hopes to Raise the Bar of Music and Influencing

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a painful experience for most people, as the crisis has ushered in one of the most challenging seasons. Yet, amid these trying times, musician and entrepreneur Jay Angel Latigo has been using the time to double down on his company, Latigo Music Group, a production and representation company that hopes to elevate the music and social media influencing scene in New York, Texas, and all over the nation. 

Born out of a desire to be independent, Jay started Latigo Music Group out of an ambition to be self-reliant. “Latigo has helped me grow as I continue to build out this career,”  said Ruby Trevino, an influential model from Brownsville, Texas. Ruby Trevino seeks to influence the world with the sparkling fashion of her modeling career. With the help of Latigo Music, she’s able to achieve that.

 Amid lockdowns, Jay launched an album called Houston, We Have a Problem, which housed an array of hip-hop material recorded, produced, and released independently by the company. The record has a total of fourteen tracks, including songs like “Why Do You Hate Me?,” “Kiss My Ass” featuring Browntown Mexican, “My Year” featuring Guason G Skit, “CC,” “Fed Up,” “My ADHD,” “Tell Me,” “Lighthouse,” “Rejected,” and many more. 

Life has been anything but easy for Jay Latigo, but he’s learned to persevere and grow amid the challenges. He grew up with a mother who struggled with poverty and drug addiction throughout Jay’s childhood. Despite not having a permanent home and jumping from one place to another, Jay always found ways to connect with others. He wanted to bring value to others despite his own wounds and scars. Eventually, Latigo would discover music and use that as a vessel of personal and external healing. 

Unfortunately, Jay would find himself struggling with drug addiction himself, something he watched his mother fall into while growing up. But he went to rehab and eventually graduated from high school and attended the University of Texas at Brownsville–Texas Southmost College. He would later discover that the traditional “graduate from college and get a job” route wasn’t something he wanted to do, so he dropped out of college and started pursuing his passion for music and business.

Those experiences and life events would eventually lead to the birth of Latigo Music Group. Apart from housing the artist’s original music, Jay has also started working with other artists and influencers to provide representation, marketing, and promotions services. Recently, Jay Angel Latigo has started working with his friend and influencer Ruby Trevino, another Brownsville Native on the verge of a modeling breakthrough. Ruby signed with Jay Latigo to elevate her social media influencing career, and Jay has done a significant amount of work to introduce the model and influencer to the world.

The official representative hopes to attract more influencers as he slowly builds out his promotions network and provides a wealth of opportunity for his clients. 

Jay hopes to one day leave a mark in the art and music industry. He hopes to change lives in the process by being a testament to what a life fuelled by passion, and the desire to live out one’s dreams brings to anyone who works hard and never gives up. To learn more about Latigo Music Group, visit the company’s website and Soundcloud account.

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