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Sourced Photo (Images internally provided)
Sourced Photo (Images internally provided)

Meet Anna, the Lash Queen Trendsetter Making a Name in the Beauty World

The beauty industry has continued to advance over the years. Gone are the days when beauty enthusiasts depended on temporary solutions to flaunt their eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your beauty. Anna, an industry trendsetter, is transforming the female beauty world with magnificent lash solutions. 

Anna is the founder and CEO of Lashes de Anna. She was raised in a family that believed in white-collar jobs, and they pressured her to be a doctor or lawyer. In her youth, Anna worked in an office where she handled administrative work, immensely contributing to developing her business mindset. Apart from office work, Anna also managed a salon and acquired business management skills. Anna then decided to add a beauty skill to her talents. 

Anna’s journey in the beauty industry kicked off when she enrolled in school to become an aesthetician and received her license after six months. She was thrilled to attend beauty shows and conventions. At one of the beauty conventions in Dusseldorf, Germany, she was intrigued by an eyelash extension booth. Anna had never seen eyelash extensions before. She bought everything they were selling and began teaching herself how to apply the lashes. 

Little did Anna know that this was the beginning of her success in life, and though it was hard at the beginning, she eventually made it. She began experimenting with applying eyelash extensions on others. “I struggled for a year. I messed up a lot of lashes on my clients, but they were always very patient and trusted me no matter what. This gave me the strength and the confidence to just figure out the way,” Anna says. She has become a pacesetter in the eyelash extension industry, and her company is renowned as the top eyelash studio in the greater Los Angeles area. 

Anna developed unique lash styles and techniques that create specific shapes. Her ‘cat eye’ look and the ‘wispy cat eye’ versions have set her apart from other eyelash extension specialists. Her skills are unparalleled, and she hopes to give you the lashes you have been dreaming of through Lashes de Anna. 

Anna takes pride in beautifying celebrities, beauty gurus, and influencers. Her outstanding services are highly desired, and she has served celebrity clients like Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera, international star and Grammy winner Rosilia, and IG superstars like Nikita Dragun, Morgan Osman, Desi Perkins, Jordyn, and Jodie Woods. 

Anna’s most significant hurdle in her career was moving away from her home country and starting her life all over. She acknowledges that change is inevitable, and the best you can do is to accept it. It has been seven years since she moved to the US, and she experienced immense growth and built an empire all on her own, one lash at a time. 

Anna’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to providing her clients with the best service and products have helped to make Lashes De Anna a trusted destination for those seeking the perfect set of lashes. Whether you’re a celebrity, a beauty guru, or simply looking to enhance your natural beauty, Lashes De Anna is the place to go for the best in eyelash extensions. With her talent, dedication, and expertise, Anna has truly made her mark on the beauty industry, and is sure to continue making waves for years to come.

In addition to her success in the eyelash extension industry, Anna is also known for her commitment to using high-quality, cruelty-free products at Lashes De Anna. She believes that it is important to not only enhance the natural beauty of her clients, but also to do so in a way that is environmentally and ethically responsible. Anna’s commitment to using only the best products has helped her to stand out in a crowded and competitive market, and has contributed to the success of her business.

Anna wants people to know that nothing is easy. You will reap success through hard work and believing in yourself without any fear. The future is bright and promising for her and Lash de Anna. She aspires to open multiple locations for supplies and services and to have a beauty school dedicated to learning eyelash extension applications. She also is working on being featured on, which will be a huge step for her in the beauty industry.


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