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Meet Lanie Volant: Makeup Artist and YouTuber Redefining LGBTQ+ Perspectives
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Meet Lanie Volant: Makeup Artist and YouTuber Redefining LGBTQ+ Perspectives

As far back as she can remember, Youtuber Lanie Volant has found makeup to be an inseparable part of her life. While she fostered a genuine love and passion for it, Lanie was often too afraid to speak out about it for fear of being outcast and abandoned. The innovative influencer recalls being grounded by her parents when she was a child for doing harmless activities like dancing and anything remotely “feminine.” It leaves little wonder how those around her and her family took to her wearing makeup. The relief she found when she finally obtained her parents’ permission years later was unparalleled.

Born in the Middle Eastern country of Iran, which is well-known for being staunchly religious, it’s no secret that people like Lanie, people in the LGBTQ+ community, are reprimanded harshly, often even punished by death. Due to their strict culture, the future YouTuber grew up having never seen individuals like herself represented in the media or given any positive attention whatsoever. Lanie always knew that there was something different about her from the others around her. She describes it as “like an invisible wall that separated me from everyone else in my country.” However, Lanie knew that no matter how hard she attempted to hide herself from others, eventually, things would only ever get worse. The battle to accept herself for who she is was long and treacherous, but as she grew, she finally learned to love herself and embrace her differences.

By 16 years old, Lanie started her very first Instagram account, showcasing her makeup skills, and within one year, she had decided to leave her country. She needed to live where she could feel safe and free to be herself. Tirelessly striving to express herself, Lanie had to endure the challenges of such things as her immigration and even being incarcerated, though dealing with the unnecessary hatred from others might have been the most difficult. Still, Lanie has withstood it all, and three years after starting her first Instagram account, she has been able to create transfixing beauty content across social media. Starting with content primarily focused on makeup and face art, Lanie was eventually able to mix in the fun, showcasing her whole personality through mediums such as performance art and dancing.

Meet Lanie Volant: Makeup Artist and YouTuber Redefining LGBTQ+ Perspectives
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Turning to YouTube as a personal video diary, Lanie Volant has attained a massive following, inspiring people to be themselves daily. It has been years since she first found her passion and a long, difficult road to embracing herself, but waking up each day knowing that she no longer has to hide behind a wall — that she can look in the mirror and smile, has made it all worth it. Lanie continues to live through her art, creating her own community with other people who may have never felt accepted previously. Among her followers are many Persian people from all walks of life who appreciate Lanie for changing their perspective on the LGBTQ+ community in Iran and how they are more supportive due to Lanie’s life experiences. Her ongoing story shows the power of loving yourself and being unafraid to share your true colors with the world.


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