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Model Sarah Kpossa Is a Living Embodiment of Success Through Hard Work

People believe that it takes experience to thrive in a successful career. However, some people believe otherwise and attribute hustle as the definitive factor to succeed. Sarah Kpossa is a perfect example of an individual who constantly fights, scratches, and claws her way to maintain a consistent climb to the top.

Sarah Kpossa is a half-Moroccan half-Réunion seventeen-year-old model and manager. She’s the kind of person who emanates a bubbly personality that’s hard to miss from afar. Sarah is an individual who is very comfortable in her own skin, and she loves seeing others embrace themselves, flaws and all.

One of the many things that Sarah loves doing is traveling. Whenever she’s not busy, Sarah can be found traveling the world and just experiencing life. She also enjoys doing simple things and playing basketball. Sarah spends most of her time in the court as a referee. Her presence on the court didn’t go unnoticed and she started growing in popularity.

With a growing fanbase, Sarah Kpossa decided to take a chance and emphasize her creative side by taking a career as a fashion model. Since taking on this venture, she has worked with all kinds of brands, from established brands and up-and-coming ones. No matter who she collaborated with, Sarah just enjoyed her work.

In her early days into modeling, Sarah was just posting pictures on her personal Instagram. Her beauty caught people’s attention and caught the attention of agencies. Her community genuinely enjoyed the content she was giving them. The incredible support surprised her and sparked an idea. It didn’t take long for her to decide that she wanted to take it seriously. Sarah started building her business around the fashion world.

However, Sarah also realized that she has more than enough time to build her brand. To ensure that she doesn’t fizzle out too quickly and prepare for the future, Sarah studied business. She wanted to take her business studies to work and created her own lashes business. Sarah also pushed herself to create a clothing collection at Chance Paris.

Chance Paris is a clothing brand that was founded by Steven “Chance” Breter in 2017. He envisioned an international luxury brand that could breathe new life into streetwear. It was the perfect platform for Sarah to build her brand. Today she is working with the brand as an ambassador and a managerial role, building towards her own clothing line.

Sarah Kpossa foresees growth in her career. Not only does she have the time to continue building her career, but she also has the mental and spiritual capacity to learn from the experience to come. Sarah also hopes to create a charity and give back to her community to help them achieve their dreams. Although Sarah’s focus is on business, she still has her sights on playing the sports she loves and will leave the door open to playing basketball professionally.

To learn more about Sarah Kpossa, you may visit her website. You can also find updates on her daily life on Instagram.

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