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Monique S. Robinson Gives Minority Scholars a Better Shot at a Brighter Future Through Her Organization

There’s no denying that children are the future. There is so much potential in the youth today, but they need the right guidance and the right education so that they become strong and capable members of society. Fortunately, Monique S. Robinson has worked her entire life towards shaping today’s youth, and she’s been doing a lot of great work on that front.

Monique S. Robinson received a BA from Wilberforce University, where she took up Psychology. This laid out the groundwork for her future endeavors. She then obtained a Masters in Education degree from Concordia University-Portland, where she took up Educational Leadership and her Ed.S in Educational Leadership from Northcentral University.

Robinson taught some of the most memorable projects done by her scholars, including the Living Wax Museum; Flat Stanley went to college to an HBCU and implemented the Performing Arts in lesson delivery. In 2009, Monique S. Robinson was honored with the Teacher of the Year award for Imagine Schools in the district and regional divisions for her contributions to education.

Her life’s work formally led her towards establishing her organization, A Better Chance for Youth Futures Inc., which promotes Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). The organization consults scholars to prepare them for college and a brighter future ahead. Apart from her work on education, Monique S. Robinson also hosts a weekly podcast where she spreads her message to the world.

Monique S. Robinson is also an esteemed motivational speaker and a children’s book author. She provides workshops for parents to understand the process of sending their scholars to school debt-free. A Better Chance for Youth Futures Inc. has made it its mission to follow scholars from 8th grade until they complete college by motivating the scholars and families.

A Better Chance for Youth Futures Inc. targets scholars in major cities who belong to minorities. These children usually have limited exposure to higher education and will be molded to have better opportunities after graduation from traditional high school. With Monique S. Robinson at the helm, the organization helps scholars in various states and creates individual plans to make everyone obtain a debt-free education.

Furthermore, the organization also works with local businesses to create impactful opportunities in the community, such as collaborating with Octavia Smith owner of The Party Guru , Dr. Krystal Cross owner of A Chicago Bite, Ramon St. Clair founder of Premier Heritage 105 and The Kids of 1837 Foundation are various minority businesses that have been dedicated partners and sponsors to A Better Chance for Youth Futures Inc.

When asked what motivated her to start her brand, Monique S. Robinson shared: “I wanted to be a voice for the scholars that are not your honor scholars, and what some may call not college material.” In the near future, she envisions A Better Chance for Youth Inc. to continue reaching out to the masses all across the United States. “Within five years, we will begin hosting workshops, conventions, and other events to get our scholars to our nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” shared Robinson.Learn more about the amazing work they do in A Better Chance for Youth Inc. by visiting the organization’s official website.

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