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Multi-Talented Entertainer and Entrepreneur Kiana Dancie Makes It Big as an Author

Kiana Dancie has always been widely known for her comedic acts and funny movies. The versatile entertainer took a surprising and exciting turn with the release of her book titled Bye Bye Bags – Laughing to Lighten the Load!, where she openly shares her personal experiences in life that brought her to where she is today. Her book is something that people can easily relate to as Dancie helps them realize the healing powers of laughter. 

Best known as the life of any party, Dancie is an extraordinary and electrifying comedian, who is also steadily succeeding in the area of business, acting, and motivational speaking, among others. She was previously a co-host of TV ONE’s popular nationally syndicated talk show, “Sister Circle Live.” She was also a featured comedian in the network’s “Who’s Got Jokes?” show with Bill Bellamy. Dancie also starred in Bounce TV’s “Off the Chain,” where TV host Rodney Perry introduced her as a phenomenal artist. 

Despite being a generally low-profile person in real life, Dancie continued to make waves and entertain her fans through her lovable personality. She impressed the entertainment industry when she sold out her comedy tour called “Single in the City.” She has been attracting a lot of attention with her exceptional work that actor Kevin Hart personally handpicked her to perform on his LOL Stage at the Montreal Comedy Festival. Due to her splendid performance, she was instantly cast in two films: “Sextuplets” with Marlon Wayans for Netflix and “One Crazy Christmas.”

Apart from being a successful comedian, Dancie also thrives in her business – a cell phone repair franchise. Known as a male-dominated industry, Dancie had to learn how to navigate her way in the business, from learning how to renegotiate her pay to declining unwarranted advances and discovering her way around the business when no one would make time to teach her the ropes. The obstacles she encountered pushed her to become a better entrepreneur. They also brought out the best in her. 

“For me, being a business owner is literally the American dream. I have always been taught to have my own, even if it fails to be what my heart desires. There’s never been a point in my life where I didn’t have the hopes of leaving a legacy for my family or the desire for financial freedom,” Dancie explained. “As an employee of another person’s company, you’ll always dance to their tune, and you’ll never know what your full capacity can be if you never step out on faith to have your own. My goal is to make an impact on all levels. Show women of color that even though we’re sometimes given fewer opportunities, and we have fewer advantages, we still have a chance to win,” she added.

By taking heart to tell her story through Bye Bye Bags – Laughing to Lighten the Load!, she hopes that other people will find the inspiration they need to release their traumas in life, laugh again genuinely, and begin to heal. Through her candid storytelling of her personal experiences, she aspires to see more people rise above their traumas and dramas in life so they can live to the fullest. 


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