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Nadja Sayej: Immortalizing New York's Glittering High Society in 'The Glitzerati'
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Nadja Sayej: Immortalizing New York’s Glittering High Society in ‘The Glitzerati’

New York’s nightlife, known for its vivacious energy and pulsating rhythm, has found its biographer. Nadja Sayej, an eminent photographer and journalist, has given a new voice to the city’s galas, soirees, and bashes. Through her upcoming book, “The Glitzerati,” she captures the essence of New York City’s cultural class with a stunning collection of party photos from 2018 to 2023.

The book is a black-and-white photo album featuring over 200 shots of celebrities, art stars, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts. It’s an ode to the elegance and pizzazz of today’s “roaring twenties.” A bold celebration of a lifestyle where fashion, culture, music, and film converge, it provides an intimate glimpse into events, with a breezy style that immortalizes New York’s elite, up close and personal.

Sayej’s unique photo style, characterized by spontaneity and a paparazzi-like freshness, captures pop culture in its raw, authentic form. Amid the fake filters and staged photo shoots of the Instagram era, “The Glitzerati” presents a stark contrast, offering unfiltered glimpses into the glamor behind the scenes.

Her subjects span from Cardi B to Diane Keaton, Bruce Willis to Debbie Harry. Yet, the book is not merely a compilation of celebrity snapshots. It tells a story with each photo, accompanied by punchy captions. As Sayej herself reveals, “The best part of living in New York City is attending the parties. I wanted to share the juicy story behind each photo in the book so that readers can be transported back to that magical moment.”

Particular highlights include an up-close capture of Cardi B at Paris Couture Week, an intimate shot of Marina Abramovic at an art gala in Brooklyn, and a candid image of 1990s supermodel Christy Turlington at a boutique party.

This is not Sayej’s first venture into the world of books. She has previously published five, one of them being a photo book. As a culture journalist with over 15 years of experience, she has been a contributing writer for The New York Times, The Guardian, Barron’s Magazine, and Forbes fashion section. Her candid celebrity interviews and pop culture writings have graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, Interview Magazine, and Vanity Fair London.

“The Glitzerati” is not just a testament to Nadja Sayej’s eye for capturing the zeitgeist of the party scene in New York. It is also a reflection of her dedication to keeping the narrative of these events alive. In a world increasingly fascinated by digital images, Sayej redefines the allure of printed photographs, making “The Glitzerati” a manifesto of pop culture and a compelling account of New York’s high society.


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