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Nigar Alieva Redefines What an Influencer Should Be

Social media platforms nowadays are being dominated by numerous influencers who showcase their travel adventures, lifestyle, fashion statement, makeup abilities, and unique skills such as cooking, painting, and crafts, among others. Phenomenally, influencers have greatly impacted the lives of people from around the world who are able to live vicariously through their posts. Celebrity blogger and Instagram influencer Nigar Alieva sees her influence as an opportunity to elevate the influencer standards and impact others’ lives positively instead of just letting them appreciate aesthetics. 

With 739k followers on Instagram, Nigar deeply understands how crucial her influence is. As she redefines the influencer standards by exercising responsibility, accountability, compassion, and being socially aware, she is using her power to shape her followers’ opinions to shed light on pressing issues in society today. She believes in the importance of validating information before putting them out on social media, knowing that whatever she says will greatly affect the way of thinking of her followers. 

“Being an influencer is a big responsibility. You have to always filter what you share with people because every wrong information you give, every emotional answer, and response you give can be led to the media. Media may bring chaos and chaos brings emotional breakdowns,” Nigar explains. 

Personally, Nigar hopes that influencers like her will also come to a realization about the important role they play on social media. More than the fun, the excitement, the vicarious experience, and showcasing luxurious items and experiences is her desire to see more influencers promote the value of education, mutual respect, and unity, to mention a few. Apparently, most influencers on social media today are promoting their personal affluence and preferences, from cars to branded items, real estate properties, music, and travel destinations. 

“Many influencers are selfish. It shouldn’t be about ourselves only. We should bring and raise awareness for those who suffer, who go through hard times, who need assistance, who are emotionally down and need to get back up on their feet. That’s why we as influencers exist. We need to inspire people,” she adds. 

At present, Nigar is focused on publishing meaningful content that a lot of her followers really like, such as how to become an effective CEO, how to develop a business from scratch, how to successfully run a business, and how to develop oneself further, among others. One of the things she also likes to teach her followers about is how to control one’s emotions. 

Looking ahead, Nigar dreams of seeing more influencers help develop and empower communities and impact their lives in such a way that they get to experience food security, safety, and acquire employment at the same time. By promoting sustainable growth on social media, more and more people can be encouraged to support the cause, resulting in valuable support for underprivileged families in different parts of the world. For the younger generation of social media users, Nigar hopes that they will see more influencers encourage them to stay in school, keep away from drugs, follow their dreams, and express themselves responsibly. 

As Nigar Alieva reshapes the common perspective people have of influencers, she will surely make a lasting impact on the lives of people. 

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