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Olamidotun Oluwagbohun-led Team at Sovereign Light Technologies Helping Organizations Get Clarity of Direction Using Digital and Agile Transformation

Speed and movement without direction lead nowhere, and that is the case with many individuals, organizations and corporations who simply flow with the tide rather than take charge of their journeys. Olamidotun Oluwagbohun and his company, Sovereign Light Technologies, have become the much-needed help for every entity that is passionate about achieving tangible success in the field they operate and catching up with global trends.

Sovereign Light Technologies ride on the wave of Olamidotun Oluwagbohun’s experience working across multiple industries holding different roles which span two decades. Dotun has worked as a program manager, IT consultant, project manager, Scrum master, Agile coach and SAFE 5 Program Consultant (SPC). His strong desire to help individuals, businesses and organizations to actualize their goals and visions has been replicated in Sovereign Light Technologies‘ operations. Thus, together with his team of professionals, they ensure their clients succeed on their journeys toward Digital and Agile Transformation.

Dotun has trained and worked with thousands of individuals over the years. He has consulted for many organizations with noteworthy solutions as proof of his expertise and knowledge of his onions. He has been a valuable asset to many organizations by turning their dreams into reality.

The company’s success over the years can be attributed to the dedicated team he has built at Sovereign Light Technologies. The team has successfully implemented an extensive suite of services which include training, coaching, consulting, and solution provisioning. “We position ourselves as the leading Agile Transformationgroup with a creative and empathetic edge, staying committed to ensuring those we serve to arrive at their full expression of their dreams, aspirations, and visions. With groundbreaking ideas and effective BusinessAgility Tools, we seek to improve every life and business we have the opportunity to work with. We provide insightful & practical solutions to individuals and companies and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated and result-driven service,” Dotun explained. 

As a member in good standing with Project Management Institute, Scrum Alliance and Scaled Agile, clients are guaranteed maximum value with Dotun and his team. He’s also an alumnus of Kanban University.

To work with Dotun and his team at Sovereign Light Technologies, clients should have the goal of embracing and demonstrating the premium Agile mindset in life or at work. The team also focuses on corporate organizations and businesses looking to increase their revenue and re-engineer their processes to improve their operations. “Innovation, consistency, transparency, focus and results have led us to create service offerings over and beyond Agile training, resume and interview preparations. We have launched the 18 Agile, and Team Collaborative Working Tools Mastermind Program designed to train, coach and provide for an unlimited time a simulated corporate world Agile experience for aspiring or practicing Scrum masters, product owners, Agile coaches, Agile enthusiasts or practitioners,” Dotun revealed. The end goal is for participants to build knowledge, competency, experience working on teams, confidence to face interviews or perform excellently on the job, and gain unrestricted access to 18 Agile and Team Collaboration Tools.”

In the next few years, Dotun looks forward to seeing many companies, businesses and individuals operate with the conviction that they don’t need to look too far to achieve Digital and Agile Transformation. He hopes to grow Sovereign Light Technologies into the number one choice and the top company that everyone trusts for their growth and progress.

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