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Raising Hearts: Brooklyn McLinn's Inaugural Wellness Walk for World Heart Day
Photo Credited To: David Zaugh

Raising Hearts: Brooklyn McLinn’s Inaugural Wellness Walk for World Heart Day

Renowned actor Brooklyn McLinn, a prominent figure recognized for his role in the widely acclaimed television series “Bel-Air,” is poised to inaugurate the inaugural What The Heart Wants wellness walk event in commemoration of the globally observed World Heart Day. Scheduled to unfold at the picturesque Redondo Beach Pier in Redondo Beach, California, on the 30th of September, 2023, this event assumes profound significance as it endeavors to propagate awareness pertaining to heart health and overall well-being. Notably, this initiative has garnered the support of esteemed organizations such as the American Heart Association, Kyles Family Foundation, Concerned Citizens Community Involvement, Los Angeles Dodgers, Help From The Hart Charity, Berry Dynamic Agency, Haltere Group, and DJ Bobcat.

Brooklyn McLinn, whose thespian prowess has left an indelible mark on audiences spanning the globe, is poised to transcend the realms of the screen in order to champion a cause that resonates closely with him—quite literally. Recognizing the paramount importance of heart health, McLinn shall be accompanied by other esteemed dignitaries at this inaugural wellness walk, which is strategically designed to amplify awareness concerning cardiovascular health, a condition that accounts for a significant portion of global mortality.

The debut wellness walk represents an ambitious endeavor geared towards motivating individuals and communities alike to accord precedence to heart health through the medium of physical activity, lifestyle adaptations, and the dissemination of educational insights. Participants shall embark upon a scenic sojourn, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to the pursuit of heart-healthy living. Concurrently, they shall be afforded the opportunity to partake in a spectrum of wellness-oriented activities and erudition-enhancing sessions.

Brooklyn McLinn, speaking with unbridled enthusiasm with regards to the impending event, articulated, “I express profound gratitude for the gift of life and relish the prospect of sharing my personal narrative in honor of World Heart Day. The realm of heart health encompasses us all, and it stands as imperative that we illuminate the importance of adopting a lifestyle that fosters robust cardiovascular well-being. I eagerly anticipate uniting with the community in our collective endeavor to propagate well-being while ardently supporting the initiatives dedicated to heart health.”

Attendees, in pursuit of enlightenment and empowerment, shall be afforded the opportunity to partake in informative sessions centered on heart-healthy living, spanning diverse facets such as nutrition, exercise, and stress management. To further bolster this cause, complimentary health screenings shall be available, a resource that is instrumental in furnishing individuals with invaluable insights into their cardiovascular well-being. Concurrently, exhibitors shall proffer a platform to showcase innovative products and services within the sphere of health and wellness.

Brooklyn McLinn, serving as the visionary founder of the “What The Heart Wants Wellness Organization,” emphatically declared, “Our philosophy embodies the concept of ‘Me-We,’ underscoring the significance of communal development. We must cultivate an attentiveness to the signals emitted by our bodies and eschew any tendencies to disregard them.”

World Heart Day, an annual observance on the 29th of September, represents a global campaign initiated by the World Heart Federation. The core objective of this initiative is to foster heightened awareness concerning heart disease and the prevention of strokes. The “What The Heart Wants” inaugural wellness walk stands in alignment with the overarching mission of this campaign, which is to instill within individuals a steadfast commitment to embracing heart-healthy choices within their daily lives.

For individuals desiring to become actively engaged and avail themselves of the opportunity to register for this transformative event, comprehensive details can be accessed via the official website at


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