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How To Become An Influencer. Guide By Established, Respected Influencer – Riana Milne

Riana Milne is an expert CCTP-II – Advanced, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified Global Life, Love Trauma Recovery, and Mindset Coach, and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 23 years who lives in Palm Beach Co, FL. She helps singles and couples heal from Childhood, Love Relationships, and Vicarious Traumas, leading to Personal Transformation and Success in Life, Love Relationships, and Business. 

She is also a #1 Bestselling author, Podcast Host for her show “Lessons in Life & Love,” and she is a global Educational Speaker. In addition to her extensive experience, Riana is a well-known influencer in her industry. Her guidance and advice from her “Mindset for Success” system and her research-based Trauma Recovery Tools have helped thousands of individuals improve their relationships and lead a more joyful, fulfilling life. In this article, we will explore Riana Milne’s guide on how to become an influencer in your particular business.

The 8 D’s to Success; Having The Right Mindset is the First Step to Influence

Riana begins by stating that becoming an influencer is not an overnight process. She began her career choice by taking her pain and making it her passion and her purpose. She feels that this way, you always love what you do and have a BIG WHY to your daily work. It’s important you get educated and certified or licensed in your field so that you are a truly respected expert and knowledgeable in your profession.

Riana uses “The Lessons of the 8 D’s” that her father taught her.

  1. DESIRE – What do you desire more than anything? What is your passion?
  2. DECIDE – What your passion topic is and the people you want to serve? (this is your niche)
  3. DETERMINATION – to do this work despite the naysayers or those who doubt your ability to do so.
  4. DEDICATION – Building your business must be the priority in your life, and you are dedicated to several goals each day.
  5. DEVOTION – The spiritual belief and devotion to a Higher Power that you will live the life purpose you are here to do in this world.
  6. DARE to DREAM – and Dream Big!
  7. DISCIPLINE – Focused and Dedicated with the Mindset for Success and reaching your goals in life, love and business, including Life Balance.
  8. DRIVE – Handling the “daily grind” and long hours, still knowing you are making a difference.

Over time, as you build your business, you will choose marketing that resonates with you (for example, writing a book, having a podcast, or doing “lives” on social media); as you build this platform and as you teach your solutions to a common problem your niche has, and present social proof your methods work; you will build a following.

What Makes You Different? Client Testimonials are Key to Success.

Riana Milne suggests that your personal brand which includes your passion, purpose, the messaging you get out to the world, along with your ability to prove your expertise – is what sets you apart from others in your industry. When you get hundreds of testimonials on how much your product or service changed someone’s life, this is what makes you unique and attracts more paying clients. You must develop a system that is uniquely yours. The public is too smart and will not hire someone who does not have a proven method or track record. Creating a strong online presence includes having a professionally designed website that has several CTA’s (Call to Action, opt-in Free gifts to get leads), attractive and informative social media accounts, a blog, and a CRM email system which will help you to share your knowledge and expertise with others as well as builds your following. From here, you can add a free pdf, eBook, quizzes, podcast, do live masterclasses, write a larger educational book, speak on other’s podcasts and summits or to a live audience. Riana uses all these methods to build her tribe.

Networking with Experts: The Power of Precise, Powerful Collaborations

Another important aspect of becoming an influencer is to network with others in the Coaching or similar Business space as you. Riana Milne recommends that you attend educational events, local and international Networking events, and business conferences. The key is to connect with those “who complement but don’t compete in your niche” to meet other influencers and experts. This will give you the opportunity to support others, build JV – Joint Venture or Affiliate collaborations, and grow both your audiences by working together on various projects.

Consistency is Key: The Secret to a Strong, Invested, Successful Following

One of the most important things that Riana Milne emphasizes is the importance of consistency. In order to be a successful influencer, you must consistently create educational content and engage personally with your audience. Find the way you are most comfortable doing this. She doesn’t speak live on social media, but she does frequent podcast and summit interviews, writes new research-based content all the time, and offers live, Free Master Classes so she can help her followers personally when they attend. She says, “It’s not about the number of followers. It is about those who invest in your product or service. Find what resonates most with you – then connect from the heart. Make your messaging about THEM. Consistency is key to building a strong following as well as invested clients because you maintain their trust and loyalty.”

Authenticity: The Heart & Soul of YOU is What Influences Your Clients

Finally, Riana Milne focuses on the importance of authenticity. She says, “In order to truly influence others, you must be true to yourself and your values. Don’t try to be someone you’re not or pretend to know things that you don’t. Your followers will be able to see through that, and it will damage your credibility. Be honest, transparent, and true to your brand. Work hard to deliver an AMAZING product that works. It is the solution to the problems that keep them up at night. Get your Testimonial stories. I also highlight my Grads on my podcast once they get engaged, married, or have a Huge Business win. They tell their “Before & After” story – I don’t need to sell anything. My clients who hire me as their Life & Trauma Recovery Coach know that I care. I experienced both Childhood & Love Trauma – twice, and my best friend was murdered by her boyfriend when we were 24. When I heal those from Toxic Love Relationships, they know I truly care and will do anything to help break their attraction to harmful, Narcissistic partners – so they can go on to Create the Life They Desire & Have the Love They Deserve.” I’ve had this passion for healing Toxic Love Relationship Trauma since the loss of my best friend.


Riana’s life journey was not easy. But she never set out to be “an influencer,” only to “Change the Way the World Loves” by teaching Emotionally Healthy Conscious Relationships. However, with deep passion and purpose to make a difference in the world, and having the 8 D’s for Success in place; along with using “The Mindset for Success” goal-setting tools; if you want to make an impact in your field, Coach Riana’s book, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear & Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose & Success – is a fantastic place to begin. Go For it! Find your passion and place in the market, create a name for yourself, expand your professional network, and maintain a high level of expert credibility, reliability, and authenticity in all that you do. Start with these guidelines, and be determined to build a solid online persona, expand your dedicated invested clients, and earn a prominent position as an industry leader.

Free Resources are available at Riana Milne’s website;; her podcast is at Need Help now? Email her at

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